Hi friends!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. As I'm sure you've already gathered, my blog is filled with all things fashion and lifestyle. I'm a happy college student, and I love sharing experiences and tips with you guys. If you ever have any requests for blog posts, leave a quick comment and I would be happy to hear any suggestions. I'm an an avid social media user, so please feel free to follow me on any platform as well!

I live in southern Maine in the summer in a cute little beach town, but during the school year I live in Rhode Island at school. I love the ocean and being close to the coast!

My style has evolved quite a lot since the start of college. I find myself gravitating towards more professional and feminine looks. Although I've always been (for lack of a better phrase) a "girly-girl", I've finally found a style that makes me feel both comfortable and confident. I'm all about attainable style. No one wears heels every day (at least not college students...), so I believe it's important to showcase outfits that are actually wearable for the average 20-something fashion obsessed gal. I try to have a lot of variety on my blog, so when I'm not sharing my latest outfit, I'm probably talking about my most recent beauty-product obsession or a few tips for college freshmen!

I'm a Communication Studies major, and a Business Administration minor. I started blogging at the beginning of my freshmen year of college, and it has been my favorite way to share my love for fashion, beauty, and everything in between ever since. I'm always reading other blogs so feel free to leave your own blog links in comments so I can enjoy your blog as well.

Along with running Honestly Hannah, I am also the blog content manager for a fantastic startup fine jewelry customization site called JEWELv. I began as an intern for JEWELv, and as I continually composed blog posts for the company blog, I realized that I really wanted my own blog. I started getting serious about Honestly Hannah as well as creating content for the JEWELv blog, which has been an amazing experience thus far!

Please feel free to email me anytime for collaboration opportunities or just to say hi! (honestlyhannahblog@gmail.com)

Thank you again for visiting my blog!

DISCLAIMER: I often use affiliate links on my blog. This means that if you click on a link or make a purchase through my affiliate link, I may make a small commission off of your purchase at no extra cost to you. I only link products that I truly recommend to my readers! All opinions are my own.

Contact: honestlyhannahblog@gmail.com

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