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Finding Balance in College

I recently asked you guys on my Instagram story to send me some back-to-school themed posts for share, and I got a few similar responses asking for tips for finding a balance when it comes to school, work, a social life, etc. I thought this would be the perfect time to share this post with lots of freshmen heading off for their first year (and trust me, balance during your first semester can be tough). Keep reading to find out how I work on finding balance in college!

Become a planner

If you aren't already an avid planner, college will likely turn you into one. I've always been a big planner (you can see how I use/organize my college planner here), but I know some people aren't as into it. College will show you that you need to at least be a bit of a planner. For example, my boyfriend (who has never opened a planner or a calendar in his life) now has a huge wall calendar in his room. Even the most unlikely suspects become planners in college ;)

Prioritize your activites

Recently, I had to make the decision to leave the campus organization that I ran for next semester. It was something I really enjoyed doing last year, but I knew it wasn't at the top of my priority list next semester anymore. After finding out I'll be working at my internship 3 days a week (YAY!), taking a full course load, running my blog, and maintaining some sanity, and of course enjoying my last year of college, I knew that leaving my campus organization was the right choice.

It can be difficult to face the hard reality that you just can't do it all. I'm a firm believer that with some planning, you can do a whole lot, but not everything. I'm obviously prioritizing school and I want to be sure I can do that while also prioritizing my internship and doing my best work!

If you're struggling to prioritize, try to of course select the essentials as well as at least a few things that bring you happiness.

Make time for yourself

With what seems to be feel like a million things going on, it's SO important to make time for yourself in order to find balance. You need time to yourself to recharge to come back and be your best self. Even if it's as simple as taking 30 minutes to watch your favorite relaxing show on Netflix (shoutout The Office), doing things that bring you joy outside of all your commitments is super important. 

Have a routine

Having a usual morning or evening routine is a great way to keep your days flowing nicely. After settling in with school, figure out the best way to get your school work done while making time for yourself throughout the day. I love to have certain times dedicated to getting homework done. Luckily, I have a set work schedule so that's totally possible for me to do. If you don't have a set work schedule, try taking a look at your schedule at the beginning of the week and carving out designated times to work on school stuff and designated times for relaxing. 

How do you focus on finding balance in college?

xo Hannah


  1. I love this post! My goal for September is actually to become better at planning, prioritizing, having routines and making time for myself to prevent a too stressfull semester. Your blog is amazing and gives me so much inspiration!

  2. I love this post!!! I am the biggest planner but I struggle woth saying no and in turn put way to much on my plate, which results in not having me time. Great list!!!


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