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How I Prepare for the Week Ahead

Whether you're in college finding yourself preparing for another week of school, work a full-time job, work at an internship, etc., preparing for the week ahead gives you a huge jump on things and ensures that the week is stress-free! I wanted to share how I personally prepare for the week ahead (I usually do these things on Sundays), because it helps me keep my week organized and productive!


This is number one on my list for Sunday tasks. I HATE doing laundry during the week when I get home from work or class. Sunday is the perfect day for me to wash both my sheets and all the clothes that have accumulated throughout the week. 

I also find doing laundry feels really good because laundry means clean things! I love to start the week off fresh with all my clothes and sheets clean, so I do this on a weekly basis.

Plan out meals

As many of you know I'm working at an internship Monday-Thursday this summer, and I'm always one to pack my lunch before the morning. I never like packing my lunch in the morning because I feel like I end up throwing together a bunch of unhealthy stuff, so I like to do it the night before! Sunday I'll make sure I have all the necessary ingredients. 

It's also important to plan out dinners and breakfasts for the week as well. When I'm at school, if I don't have something specifically planned for that evening's dinner, I'll probably end up making a frozen pizza in the oven, so meal planning all the way!

Go through emails

Does anyone else seem to have hundreds of emails at the end of each week? I get so lazy with going through emails during the week (although I try to keep up) so I always do a big clean out on Sunday. I'll respond to anything I've flagged throughout the week that I haven't had a chance to respond to yet, and I'll also delete about a million annoying spam emails.

Tidy up

A messy space is the worst thing during the week. As days go by throughout the week, it's easy to let little cleaning tasks slip by, and that's okay. As much as I tried to keep things tidy throughout the week, sometimes there just isn't enough time to make sure everything is perfect. On Sunday, I clean my apartment at school to start fresh (I usually split the cleaning with my roommies :) ), and I'll also clean my bedroom!

Pick out Monday's outfit

We all know how exhausting it can be to wake up early Monday morning after a relaxing weekend, so I pick out a cute outfit to wear Monday the night before. I always pick out my outfits the night before, but I make a special effort to pick something out Sunday before I end up forgetting about it!

How do you prepare for the week? Let me know!

xo Hannah


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