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7 Dorm Room Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

In less than 2 short months, it's back to school for us college students! After 2 years of living in dorm style housing and a year of living in apartment style, I feel like I've gotten some insight on dorm room essentials that you didn't know you needed. Everyone knows to obviously get a comforter, a mattress pad, shower shoes, etc., but after multiple years of college and the last one on the horizon, I've really found the items that aren't so obviously needed, but are definitely essentials!

1. Bed risers / If you'll be living in a double, it's imperative that you know the beds are LOW. Dorms don't usually come with bed risers, so it's a good idea to purchase some to lift your bed in order to utilize the storage space underneath. In a small dorm room, you want all the space you can get.

2. Lap desk / I know people advise against it, but it's literally impossible that you won't end up in your bed doing homework. Not having a lap desk can make it super difficult to do so comfortably, so it's an awesome investment.

3. Felt hangers / Those little plastic hangers can get incredibly irritating in your closet when all your clothes start sliding off. Typically, the closet space in dorms is pretty small, and when all your clothes are jam-packed, it's easy for things to fall off and onto the floor. To avoid that, grab some felt hangers instead!

4. Keurig / If you're a coffee drinker, a Keurig is a true must-have. They're so much easier to deal with than a regular coffee maker, and they last forever (I've had the same one since freshmen year and it still has so much life left).

5. Food storage containers / During your first 1-2 years when you don't have a kitchen to cook your own meals, food storage containers can be used to sneak food from the dining hall! Most schools don't allow that, so shhhh. Hey, if we're paying thousands of dollars a year to go to school there, I think it's okay to snag some extra food from the dining hall ;)

6. Stapler / This is sort of random, but it's definitely worth getting a stapler. Some teachers that have not yet jumped of the bandwagon of online assignment submissions (trust me, there's plenty, unfortunately.. come on- let's save some paper..), they almost ALWAYS want things stapled. There's nothing worse than printing out your homework in the morning and realizing that you don't have something to staple it with!

7. Drying rack / I never thought of this when I left for college, but it's a must. If you have any clothes that aren't supposed to go in the dryer, you'll need a drying rack to have somewhere to put them while they dry after being washed.

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Can you think of any out-of-the-ordinary dorm room essentials?

xo Hannah


  1. Velvet hangers are the best, and definitely a must for the dorm!
    xo, Sydney

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