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4 Tips for Staying Productive This Summer

It can be tempting to relax all summer long (other than work, of course), and relaxing is surely an important part of summer, but it's also a great time to get productive! After a much needed few days to decompress after spring semester classes are over, it's time to get back to the grind. Whether you're doing an internship, have a summer job, are taking on online class, or are focusing on being self-employed this summer, nothing feels better than getting stuff done.

Since I'm working at my fabulous internship this summer, I'm lucky enough to have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off each week, plus any holidays that fall in the summer. Not everyone has this luxury, and maybe your schedule varies week to week. Whatever your schedule may look like this summer, you can use these tips to make sure you're staying productive all summer long! 

I try to dedicate Friday solely to blog work, whether it be working on sponsorships, emails, or scheduling/writing upcoming posts. 

Make a to-do list every morning.

To-do lists are my best friend! I feel like it helps me remove all the tasks I have floating around in my head and gets them down on paper so I don't forget anything. The last thing I do before I leave work in the afternoon is write a to-do list for the next day of work, and then of course add to it in the morning. I basically do the same thing on the days I have off as well, so that I can get all my errands and things around the house done.

Even if it's just a day of doing laundry, cleaning, and prepping for another work week, a to-do list will help you prioritize and make sure you get everything done that's necessary!

Wake up at a reasonable time.

I usually give myself one of my days off to be lazy and sleep in, and the my other two days I'll make sure I'm up by about 8:30. I never realized how much of the day you really miss by sleeping in, since I actually tend to get most of my things done right in the morning! If I'm working, obviously I'm up bright and early, but even when I'm off on the weekend, I try to keep my wake up time pretty consistent.

Keep a calendar.

I use a calendar all year round because it helps me keep everything straight. This summer, it's been more for work related tasks as well as social events or appointments. During the school year, my planner (see how I organize it here) is super academically focused (although still obviously includes social events and appointments). Side note - this time next year I will no longer be a college student :( I'm excited to start using my planner in a totally different way when that time comes, though!

 Sets goals for the summer.

In college, the summers seem quick and are over before you can even blink. It's easy to get caught up in it all and forget about setting goals for yourself. Your goals can be incredibly simple... That's totally okay!

Setting goals will keep you accountable before the summer slips by. And yes, write them down! Keeping a list of your goals (even if they're simple) in a place that you look often is a great way to always remind yourself of what you're working towards.

How do you stay productive during the summer?

xo Hannah


  1. To do lists are my absolute favourite thing, it's getting up early that I struggle with haha! Great list, thanks for sharing x

    FloralsAndCoralsx/Our Blog

    1. Omg yes getting up early can be so rough!!

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  3. It's so easy to let my productivity slip during the summer, but I always feel so guilty about it! I'll have to try some of these— I don't usually think to keep my planner going during the summer, but I bet it'll help! Thanks for the post!

    1. It definitely makes a huge difference keeping your planning going in the summer! :)

  4. This is such great tips. I must do "To-do list" since now. Interesting way!! xoxo


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