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Creating a Cozy Space in College with PBdorm

This post is sponsored by PBdorm. As always, all opinions are my own!

I've been wanting to share my bedroom space with you guys so long, and I'm so excited to FINALLY be revealing my room (which has been a work in progress for quite some time). I love a good cozy space. Whether I'm in my apartment at school or home for the summer (currently living my last summer in college - CRAZY), I always gravitate towards coziness. I like to come home from a long day at school or work and relax in an environment that makes me feel inspired and comfortable.

Starting with my bed, I first have to say I have a throw pillow obsession. I recently got this adorable pineapple pillow cover from PBdorm as well as this fluffy pink pillow cover, which is my absolute favorite because it's so cozy! For me, pillows make a bed just that much cozier. 

I always like to keep a nice throw blanket on the end of my bed. I currently have this soft pink fringe throw and I feel like it honestly pulls the whole bed together. Of course, my comforter is truly the coziest thing ever. It's the Simply Smocked Duvet Cover + Shams from PB and it's definitely my favorite comforter I've had so far! It has a simple pattern on it that brings a bit of life to a white comforter, but is still super minimal.

To add something to my bare walls, I have this cute wall flag that I love because it adds a little something to my room for sure. I don't like to have TOO much on my walls because I feel like it gets overwhelming, but this wall flag adds just the right amount of style to my walls. I also keep my no-nails wall calendar right next to my bed, so I can always see what I have going on for the day right when I wake up! 

I kept my side table pretty simple with a white lamp, my clock, and a few little gold accents. Can you tell I love pineapples?

Using some PBdorm items to redo my desk was super fun! I've always felt like my desk was so cluttered, so I did a big clean out before doing this post and I'm seriously so happy with how my desk came out! I have the PBdorm Task Lamp as well as these gold desk accessories (you know how I love my gold accents). I swear having a clean desk is CHANGING my life. I love how simple and inspiring it came out.

On the top of my desk, I have this little bamboo display shelf where I keep my essential oils, my favorite floral candle, and any cute items I want to display. I'm seriously obsessed with this gold cat mirror from PB... I mean how cuuuute! As you can tell, I really gravitate towards gold decor.

I'm so excited about this cute photo string I created where I love to keep inspiring quotes and things I find on Pinterest. I didn't want to make my bulletin board too crazy, and I'm really happy with how my simple photo display came out.

 My closet, guys. It's truly never been this clean. I did a major closet clean out before creating this post (donating clothes, selling clothes, etc.). My closet is honestly nothing special, but I've made it super organized and now it's so easy for me to find everything I'm looking for (and I no longer cringe when I open it... win).

A girl's gotta have shoe storage, am I right?

Last but not least is my dresser. I wasn't quite sure what to do with this at first, but I decided to display some of my perfumes, pictures, and another candle. I got this photo holder to display some of my favorite photos and continue filling throughout my LAST :( summer in college!

What is your dorm style? Let me know what your favorite PBdorm line is in the comments!

xo Hannah


  1. Hannah, your dorm is so adorable! I love all the decor and will check out PB Dorm. I love pineapple prints, too. They are just so cute!

  2. I love this style! How were you able to work with PBDorm? Sooo awesome!


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