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Ask Hannah: How Can I Stay Consistent with Studying in College?


Dear Hannah,

I am a college student going into my sophomore year. I'm trying to find the right study tools and stationery for a fresh new year and start. I was hospitalized at the end of my freshmen year and diagnosed with depression. I recently realized that my depression plays a role in how I do in school. I want to reach a goal of a 3.00 and make the dean's list. Do you have any tips for staying consistent with studying while in college?



Hi Sierra,

My very first advice seeker! Thank you so much for submitting your question :)

I know so many college students suffer from anxiety and depression. It can be so hard to put your everything into school when you're feeling down. The first thing I would say is that you should be so proud of yourself! Making it through a rough patch in life only brings you out the other side stronger. The fact that you are setting goals for yourself shows that you're motivated to succeed. 

As you suggested, consistency is key. However, it's also important to recognize when you need to take time for yourself and take a break. Your mental state is MUCH more important than your grades. Although, I know grades can also take a toll on your mental state, so here are some tips for staying consistent with your studying:

One of the things that has seriously been a life changer for me when it comes to studying consistently and working on assignments is literally blocking out time during the day where that's all I do. Depending on your class schedule, you can try blocking out a few hours each day to do schoolwork. When the time is up, stop. Take a break. If you feel motivated enough to continue, go ahead. If not, lounge with your favorite Netflix series. 

I'm kind of crazy about my planner, and I definitely believe that using a planner has a huge impact on your success. If you want to learn more about how I personally organize my planner, read this post! It's important to figure out what works for you when it comes to using a planner, but I love to use both the monthly spread and the weekly spread to break out my days. Using a planner makes it so easy to see everything you have going on that day/week, making it easier to stay consistent and organized.

Time blocking can be REALLY effective for some people, including myself! Some people purchase those fancy time blocks, but it's totally okay to simply use the timer on your phone. When you have multiple assignments or exams you want to study for, choose a subject, set a timer for 30 minutes, and go wild with your studying for that block of time. No texting, no social media, no distractions. Then? Take a break, then do it again with the next subject. This is a great way to stay focused (if you struggle with staying focused on one subject at a time). It also forced you to be productive in a short amount of time!

One of my favorite college professors used to say all the time "it's not about your GPA." And it really isn't. Sure, it might look good on paper, but everyone learns differently. Just because one person has a 4.0 GPA and another has a 2.7 GPA, it doesn't mean the person with the 4.0 is any smarter. I think being overly concerned with getting a great GPA can sometimes discourage you when you don't live up to it. However, as you suggested, having a goal GPA that you feel is attainable for you is a great idea for staying motivated! When you aren't feeling like studying, remember your goal and hopefully that will help get you motivated. In the end, if you're proud of yourself and your hard work, that's all that matters!

I hope this helps - You got this girl! :)

What tips do you have for Sierra to stay consistent with studying?
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