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My Favorite Affordable Decor Finds

Fluffy throw pillow | Makeup organizer | Letter holder | DW Candle | Makeup mirror | Marble coasters | White fluffy throw pillow

Who doesn't love decor? I always gravitate towards cute yet affordable decor, so I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that I've found with you guys today! It's a little bit of everything - bedroom, general decor, makeup storage, etc. I just wanted to compile some of my best finds to share!

1. Fluffy throw pillow / I love fluffy throw pillows! It's no secret that I have WAY too many pillows on my bed, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Having tons of pillows makes my room feel a thousand times cozier, so I'm always looking for a great throw pillow.

2. Makeup organizer / This makeup organizer has truly saved my makeup collection! I can't seem to simply use a makeup bag to store my makeup, because I feel like things are always breaking or getting lost. This makeup organizer keeps my makeup nice and organized so I can always easily find what I need.

3. Letter holder / Here's a little secret tip - use a letter holder to hold your makeup palettes! I was never able to find a good way to store my palettes until I found this little tip on Pinterest. Now I keep all my palettes in this letter holder. Not only is it functional, but it's also a really cute decor item! I've found that displaying my makeup adds a nice girly feel to my room.

4. DW Candle / Candles are honestly the ultimate decor piece for me. I burn candles all year round (yeah, even in the summer). In the summer I'll opt for a floral scent and then in the winter I'll do a deeper, heavier scent, or of course a nice Christmas scent.

5. Makeup mirror / A good makeup mirror can dress up any desk or vanity. Personally, I use my desk at home as a vanity and as a desk (I don't really have room for both a desk and a vanity... college probs.)

6. Marble coaster / I have way too many items that are marble. Coasters are really cute photo props if you're a blogger and they dress up any room! In our apartment last year we had these cute marble coasters on our coffee table and they were just so adorable.

7. White fluffy throw pillow / Again with the pillows... You can't have a post about decor without pillows, right? This fluffy pillow is truly one of my favorites! I love soft pillows because you can lounge on them and they're so cozy.

What are some of your favorite home decor finds?


  1. Such a wonderful and timely post! This is the time of year when everyone is shopping for dorm stuff. I will definitely check out some of these pieces for my own room - organization is key and something we could all improve!


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