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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Can you believe we're pretty much halfway through May? Absolutely crazy to me! Today's post is very important because - MOM. Moms do so much for us and although we should be thanking them a million times every day, Mother's Day is the perfect day to do something a little bit extra special. Here are a few unique gift ideas to give your mom this year to show you care!

1. Mom mug / Is anyone else obsessed with mugs? I swear - friends, family, boyfriend, etc. who may be reading this - if you don't know what to get me, a mug is the way to go. This, however is not about me. I honestly just thought this "mom" mug was super cute and would make a great little gift for your mom this Mother's Day! You could ever fill it up with chocolates or other little goodies.

2. Pendant necklace / I saw this necklace and fell in love! Who doesn't love to receive jewelry as a gift? This gorgeous necklace would make the perfect Mother's Day gift because your mom will for sure get so much use out of a gorgeous piece like this one!

3. Bluetooth speaker / Bluetooth speakers are honestly amazing. Your mom can turn on her favorite music while she's cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, dancing around, reading, surfing the internet, literally whatever! A bluetooth speaker is an amazing gift because it's something that will likely get used every single day.

4. Kate Spade Watch / The obsession with rose gold continues. If your mom doesn't like rose gold, this gorgeous watch comes in a variety of colors and styles. I think a watch is a super cute (and practical) accessory and makes the perfect gift.

5. Vera Bradley Duffel / I have to say, these things are AMAZING. You can fit a ridiculous amount of stuff in this one bag, and they're adorable! I recently got one (you may have seen it on my Instagram story), but I've fallen in love with it. These would definitely make the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year!

6. MAC Eyeshadow Palette / I'm all about the natural eyeshadow palettes, and I think mom's tend to be also. Am I a 30 year old suburban mom living in a 21 year old's body? Possibly, let's be honest. But to be serious, natural eyeshadow palettes are a great gift idea because they get used so often. I find myself reaching for my natural palettes 9 times out of 10.

7. Lavender candle / Have you ever seen that quote about Mother's Day and candles? Inserted below.
HOWEVER, I personally loooove receiving candles! My candle collection continues to grow. What better way to give your mom a nice gift than giving her a relaxing scented candle. Lavender candles are my absolute favorite because they're great for stress relief and relaxation. 

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?

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