Introducing: Ask Hannah - Honestly Hannah

Introducing: Ask Hannah

You guys! I'm so excited to share this little addition to my blog with you all. I have added a tab to my blog called "Ask Hannah", where you can either submit a question or read questions that have already come in + my advice on them! Read the full post to find out more about this new addition!

I'm really looking forward to this new addition to my blog mostly because I get SO many emails asking for advice. I thought it was finally time to create an entire section on my blog dedicated to advice so that others can benefit from your questions as well.

I was shamelessly inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Advice from a Twenty Something! Love her - check it out if you haven't. She seriously has the BEST advice and an awesome blog. GOOOALS.

Now, here are the guidelines:

  • You do have to enter your name and email on the submission form, but only your FIRST name will be published on the blog (not your email). I am always willing to change your name, just simply request that in the submission form. 
  • Please be as detailed as possible in your question/advice submissions! Almost like you're writing a personal email to me :)
  • I won't publish anything you don't want me to (just request on the submission form, again).
  • I will email you once your question has been answered and I've given my advice in a blog post - that's the only reason I request your email!
  • Questions can be regarding anything and everything.
  • Your submission will be answered in a full blog post dedicated to the topic.
  • Your email submission will be shared at the beginning of the blog post for readers to see (but again, only your first name will be published - and I can change it if you simply request). Something like "Hi Allison! Thanks for your advice submission! I think you should..."etc. etc.

Ready? YAY. Submit a question HERE or mouse over to the right hand side of my blog and click "submit a question." Once submissions start coming in, I will respond to one question a week in a full, dedicated blog post (probably on Friday's).  

xo Hannah

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