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How to Prepare for Your Last Year of College

It's hard to believe that my last year of college is looming on the horizon. The end of junior year crept up so quickly, and it finally hit me that now I'm a senior. It honestly seems like yesterday that I was just getting ready to come to college! I wanted to make today's post all about preparing for your final year of college. I'm sharing some of the things I'm personally doing as well as some of the things that others who have already graduated have shared!

Update/Redesign your resume.

Nobody wants to see your old high school resume. You've likely been updating your resume throughout college to apply to internships or part-time jobs, but one thing I recently did was completely redesign my resume! When I finally realized I wanted to go into PR, I wanted to create a resume that was both creative and professional. I wanted to show that, well, I'm not boring. My resume tells a little something about me and my brand as well as look professional and appealing. 

Start researching companies you might want to work for.

So many seniors wait until March, April, or even May to start searching for jobs, and they tend to just head right to the current jobs listings and apply to everything that seems relevant. Instead of doing this, try instead starting super early and researching companies you're interested in potentially working for full-time after graduation.

You can even reach out with an email simply stating that you're interested in the company and hope to apply when graduation gets closer. 

Intern at a company you love.

If you aren't already interning at a company you love the summer before senior year, there's still time to do so first or second semester senior year! I'm lucky enough to have found an internship at my actual DREAM company this summer, so trust me, it's possible!

Internships are a great way to check a company out and learn more about the field you want to go into. College has changed. You can't just go to class, do well, and expect to be handed a job when you graduate. You have to do MORE. You have to show that you gained some experience in college and set yourself apart rather than just sitting in a classroom.

Create an organizational system (if you don't have one already).

If you're one of those people that found themselves particularly unorganized in college, first, check out this post. Next, start now. Get yourself a reliable planner, grab some colored pens, and get to it!

Organizing your life in college vs. your life after college is obviously different, but the good habits you develop now will carry over into your post-grad years.

Save up as much money as you can.

This is a big one! Many college students want to move out of their parents' house where they might've been staying during their college summers, or they might even be forced to move out depending on where their post-grad job is located. Money is essential for putting down a security deposit, first and last months rent, paying other bills, etc. 

Hopefully you'll be able to get a job quickly (hopefully before you even graduate... fingers crossed!), but you'll still want to have some money set aside for future expenses coming your way. 

College grads: What advice do you have for college seniors?
Seniors: What are you most nervous for?



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