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How to Have the Least Stressful Finals Week Ever

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and ever college student knows what that means... F I N A L S. Yep, the week you dread each semester is on its way. Finals week can be stressful, to say the least. There's nothing worse than sleepless nights and days where you barely leave the library, so I wanted to share with you how you can have the least stressful finals week ever. Yes, it's possible!

Start studying in advance... Really.

I feel like this is always a tip for finals, but nobody actually does it. But let me tell you - DO IT! If you want to have a relatively stress-free finals week, you need to start studying early. That means not waiting to study for every exam until finals week. Most finals take place early May, and hey, it's mid-April now, so why not start reviewing a little?

Make a study plan.

If you don't want to start studying now (I know there's tons of projects and other work going on now), at least make a good study plan. Map out the dates of each of your exams and decide when you'll start studying for each, and actually stick to it.

You can also map out how and what exactly you'll be studying. For example, will you be using Quizlet? Rewriting your notes? Another fabulous study strategy? Get it on paper so you have a plan before things get too crazy.

Map out each day and schedule breaks.

Finals week *usually* means you don't have an exam every day. In fact, if you're lucky, you might only have exams a few days out of finals week. That means you'll have a lot of "free" (ha) time for.... studying!

I love to map out my days (literally hour by hour) during finals week and stick to it exactly. For example, 8-9:30: Study for marketing. 10-11: Work on COM paper. etc, etc. 

And don't forget the breaks! Let me tell you, studying non-stop is NOT productive. You might feel like you're being productive studying for hours on end with no breaks, but you aren't. Your body needs a break, and your freakin' brain needs a break. Eventually, you'll stop absorbing information and be left completely unmotivated if you don't take any breaks.

Keep your space clean.

Wherever you live (a dorm, an apartment, a house), make sure to keep it super clean during finals week. I know it may feel like you have no time to clean up your space, but make time. A messy space means a messy brain. 

Always, always keep things as clean as you can. It will help with a lot of your stress and keep you from getting overwhelmed by all the things around you.

NO all-nighters.

I'm currently in my 3rd year of college (soon to be senior!) and I can proudly say I've never pulled an all-nighter studying. And yes, I still study enough. In my opinion, if you manage your time effectively, NOBODY should EVER have to stay up all night studying.

If you procrastinate and suddenly have tons of work due or an exam in the morning, you'll probably need to pull an all-nighter. Don't let that be you! It's not necessary and not getting enough sleep adds so much stress to life. 

How do you de-stress during finals week? How are you preparing?


  1. I'm doing my final finals next month! I am terrified but I think no all nighters is like the biggest help, I do agree studying early is a good idea but I do forget a lot so early but not too early is the best! x


    1. Best of luck to you on your finals Leigh! xo

  2. A study plan is such a great idea! Love this post :)

    Anika |


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