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How to Make Your College Dorm Feel Like Home

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One of the things I struggled with when I first came to college a few years ago was homesickness. While I loved the school, my tiny dorm room just didn't feel like home. As I began to get settled in, I found little ways to make the small space feel a bit more like home. Now, I'm a junior in college and I can definitely say that these small changes I've made in my room have made all the difference. I now live in an apartment style setup with my own bedroom, but these tips work for a regular dorm room or any other housing setup that you might have throughout college!

Get creative.

There's nothing worse than a boring dorm room. One thing that always helps me feel at home is creating a space that I love. I love purchasing cute little signs to hang on the wall as well as frames for photos of my friends and family.

If you create a space that you love, it will be so much easier to enjoy your time in your dorm. Eventually, it will start to feel like home to you. You can even decorate your dorm room similar to your bedroom at home if you want! Personally, I tried out a completely new theme my first year of college. As time has gone on, my bedroom has evolving into a style that is really me.

Create a cozy atmosphere.

I'm obsessed with cozy. If a space isn't cozy, I don't want it. The minute you walk into your first dorm room you'll likely have a little bit of an "oh my gosh" moment. Why? Because empty dorm rooms are pretty much the ugliest places ever. Trust me though, once all your stuff is moved in and you've started decorating, it will look much better.

How can you make a dark space like a dorm room cozy and nice? One of my favorite ways to do so has been hanging string lights. I LOVE my string lights. I have small LED lights around my desk and white string lights hanging around the rest of the room. I rarely use the overhead lights in my room because I'm so into my string lights. When it starts to get dark and I'm in my room, I'll turn on my string lights and it's so cozy. It's always nice to have dim lighting in the evenings to help you wind down.

Use the power of scent.

I'm kind of crazy when it comes to scent. I love candles, essential oil diffusers, and air fresheners. Smell is one of the main things that makes me feel comfortable in a new place. After discovering the Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ at Walmart I seriously won’t use any other mists! My favorites scents currently are No.1 Enraptured™ and No.3 Free™. No.1 Enraptured™ contains elegant notes of jasmine (one of my favorite smells!) and rose with a modern twist including scents of pink lady apple and honeysuckle. The No.3 Free™ fragrance has notes of white pineapple, citrus, and beachside florals through layers of coconut, beach woods, and vanilla beach. This one literally smells like a tropical vacation!

The Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrances are infused with essential oils (I love my essentials oils) and masterfully crafted light layered fragrances.

One of my favorite things about this room spray is that they're truly comparable to more high-end room sprays, but they are so much more affordable! While paying less, you still get the same benefits as an expensive, high-end room spray. These sprays are amazing for creating a home-y atmosphere in your dorm room that is a reflection of both you and your style.

Display pictures of friends and family.

Homesickness is real in college - especially during your first year. It's always nice to have photos of people from home, and even new friends that you've made at school, to help you feel more at home. I have some pictures hung on the wall and some simply placed on my desk and dresser.

While adding a nice decorative element to your room, photos of friends and family displayed in your room will always make you feel better.

Purchase lots of throw pillows and cozy blankets.

There's nothing better than coming back from a cold walk from class on a chilly winter day and crawling into your cozy bed to warm up. I love to fill my bed with pillows (seriously, I have 4 pillows to sleep on plus 3 throw pillows on my bed), and I always have a super soft blanket to cozy up with.

Always make your bed.

There's something about a clean space that just feels good. Getting into the daily routine of making your bed with make you feel so much more organized. It's always nice coming back from a long day of classes to a neat, clean room, and a made bed!

Create an inspiring wall space.

Personally, I love having things on my wall! It fills up all the blank space and gives you something pretty to look at.

You can purchase cute wall signs, but it's also super easy to simply purchase picture frames and print out some cute and inspiring photographs to hang on your wall.

How do you create an atmosphere in your college room that feels like home?

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