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Why You Should Start a Blog in College

Obviously I'm into this blogging thing. I've been blogging for almost 3 years now (craaaazy). When I started my blog freshman year of college, I had absolutely no idea how much potential there was in the blogging world. I honestly started it for fun and somehow stumbled upon the business of blogging. I'm a HUGE advocate for starting a blog in college because there's so many benefits. This post is going to break all of those benefits down!

Blogging gives you real experience.

I talked all about the importance of getting professional experience in college in this post, and my opinion completely still stands. College isn't just about nailing your classes. While that's important, if you have no experience in the real working world when you graduate, well... good luck. 

Blogging is a really cool thing, because from the comfort of your apartment, dorm, or your favorite coffee shop, you're actually giving yourself extremely valuable experience. If you're interested in communications (me, hola), journalism, marketing (hello, me), public relations (me, again, hola), writing, business, etc., you get the idea. Blogging is seriously an amazing tool for you to build your brand, become a better writer, and learn more about the world of PR. 

Blogging gives you a break from school work.

It's important to take breaks from school work. Even if you love your major (which you should), sometimes you just need to think about something else.

Again, blogging is this cool thing. While you're enjoying your new favorite hobby, you're also being productive with your time and doing something you love. I love putting away my school work and grabbing my laptop of work on a post. It's relaxing and always takes my mind off of any stress that I have going on in my classes.

Blogging can help you pay for college.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I had no idea that you could make money blogging when I first started. When I discovered the world of sponsored posts, advertisements, and affiliate linking, I was completely blown away. People actually make a career out of blogging! How amazing is that?

I'm so grateful to have this little blog as my hobby AND part-time job. It's helped me out a lot throughout the school year when I can't work full-time with making a bit of extra money to help pay for college.

Blogging makes you feel productive.

Productivity is important to me. I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that I feel so much better when I've done something productive with my day, rather than just sitting around.

Blogging is for sure one of my favorite weekend activities because when I'm spending the day relaxing, I can always head to my blog for some productive writing.

 Blogging teaches you the value of hard work.

Blogging is not easy, and anyone who says it is is truly lying to you. A lot of work goes into creating an aesthetically pleasing design, attracting readers, using social media, creating graphics, taking photos, etc.

If you work hard at blogging, you will definitely see results. When I first started, I literally wanted to work on my blog 24/7 (I have since calmed down because life isn't just about work), and I was so determined to be successful. And I still am!

Blogging has also showed me that I 100% wanted to work in PR. If it weren't for blogging, I never would've decided to try a few internships in PR and I wouldn't never absolutely fallen in love with it. 

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  1. Making my blog while in my first year of College was the best decision I have made, what started as a hobby to kill time between classes has turned into a passion! xo

    Sarah Lillian | https://livinglifewithsarahlillian.blogspot.ca

    1. Me too Sarah! So glad you've had the same great experience with blogging xo

  2. You are absolutely sure! I love blogging, it's relax for me, and my big passion. ♥


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