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How to Prepare for Spring Semester

Spring semester is just around the corner (and has even already started for some college students), so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about preparing for the semester ahead in today's blog post. After a long, relaxing winter break, returning to school can be pretty daunting. If you prepare a bit over winter break (or let's be honest, the weekend before classes start) you'll find yourself feeling a lot less overwhelmed as the semester begins!

Gather any syllabi posted online

A lot of professors post the syllabus online before the semester even starts. This can be really helpful, and can give you a general idea of when things will take place throughout the semester. Of course, syllabi are always subject to change, so I usually just take a pencil and write any important dates down on the calendar in my planner, and then write them in pen later when I'm sure of the dates.

Not every class will have a syllabus posted online over winter break, and that's okay too. You can go ahead and do the same thing with the syllabus when you receive it at the beginning of the semester.

Start getting any textbooks or supplies you need

Okay, about the textbooks though. I have seriously learned that you SHOULD NOT buy a textbook in advance unless you specifically receive an email from the professor stating that you absolutely need it and will be using it. 

I have had waaaaaay too many semesters filled with textbooks I never even touched. Verify that it's absolutely essential for you to buy the textbook. Try talking to students who have taken the class, or even try checking out sites like RateMyProfessor to see if anyone has discussed textbook usage.

I also love to stock up on my favorite pens and highlighters before the new semester because let's be honest, I go through those things like crazy. 

 Stop sleeping in

I know winter break is the perfect time to kick back and sleep until noon, but we're getting to the point where it would probably be best to stop getting up so late so it isn't a complete shock when you have to start getting up for class again.

You don't need to do anything wild like wake up at 5 AM, but I usually try to wake up around 8:30 AM any day that I have class, so I try to move my wake up time at this point closer to that.

Set goals for the semester ahead

I always think it's important to set goals before a new semester (and write them down!). For example, I have this marketing class spring semester that I heard is difficult, so one of my goals is to devote time every single day to studying the material just a little bit. 

Some goals you may have:

- Get more sleep
- Stop pulling all nighters
- Do homework the day your receive it
- Use your planner more
Etc. etc.

Goals don't have to be anything earth shattering, but I think it's really helpful to set even really simple goals for yourself at the beginning of a new semester to keep you motivated.

+ of course take time to relax!

School is about to kick back into full force and it's important to take time to chill out. Watch your favorite Netflix show or read a great book. You can do all these things and not feel guilty that you aren't studying or working on homework!

How do you prepare for a new semester?

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