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Reader's Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2017

Can I just be cliqué for a second and say this... WHERE DID 2017 GO? I literally remember NYE of 2016 like it was yesterday. Now, it's about to be 2018 and I'm shook. I've decided to round of my most popular posts this year, which is something I've never done before! I thought it would be interesting for me to see what posts you guys really enjoyed over the year and interesting for you to check out any popular posts you might have missed. Now - these posts won't all be posts written in 2017. They will instead be any posts that were the most popular of mine this year. Happy New Year!
1. How to Organize Your College Planner

Thank you guys for another great year with Honestly Hannah! Let me know what your favorite types of posts are and what you'd love to see in 2018 :) Happy New Year!


  1. Loved looking back on some of these posts! I love your school/lifestyle posts because they are so helpful as a student. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Sanjana! You can definitely expect more of those this year :)


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