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Stop Comparing Yourself: How to Keep Social Media From Destroying You

Social media is powerful. We wake up and scroll through our Twitter feeds loaded with funny tweets with thousands of retweets, our Instagram feeds filled with beautiful influencers eating at the latest cute restaurant or embarking on a fancy (and expensive) adventure. We click through Snapchat and see the excitement going on in other people's lives, and we open Facebook only to find even more of just that.

Honestly, how can it not affect you?

When I decided to become a blogger, one of the first things I noticed was the importance of social media. I got the impression that you had to be on it all the time.

Taking pictures of your outfit or your morning coffee. Snapchatting your shoes. Making it look like you were having more fun than everyone else.

And this doesn't just apply to bloggers. I feel like it applies to college too. If you're in college, you've undoubtedly seen the Friday/Saturday night Snapchats. It looks like some ridiculous competition to see who's having the most fun. Then come the photos of girls smiling without a hair out of place, the perfect outfit, and right red lipstick.

You might as well caption the photo "Look how much fun I'm having compared to you!!!"

Let's get real though. Social media only allows you to see the very best, happiest looking moment of the evening. You don't see that not-so-good stuff.

Learning to ignore it and learning to stop comparing your own life to the lives of others is hard.

Instead of letting social media destroy your confidence, try these things instead.

Count your own blessings

Everyone has different things in life to be grateful for. I think social media keeps us so engrossed in the lives of others that we forget about our own lives and all the wonderful things about it.

If you find yourself on someone's Instagram feed feeling jealous of their life, try to remember to be grateful for what you've been given in your own life.

Remember that you don't see everything

One thing that is so important when it comes to social media is simply remembering that you don't see the entirety of someone's life through social media.

Chances are, you see their happiest moments; their best days. There's whole lot that you don't see, so why compare your own life when you don't even know someone's full story?

Don't let it take over your life

Do you know any of those people that are always staring at their phones when you're trying to talk to them? DON'T be that person. Be the person that devotes their full attention to the person speaking to them. Social media isn't going anywhere. 

It can wait.

Try not to let your entire life revolve around getting the perfect Instagram shot, or thinking of the wittiest tweet. Compared to all the other important things in life, social media should definitely take a backseat.


I know, it's hard. I often find myself automatically picking up my phone sometimes to check social media, even when I'm spending time with friends or loved ones.

Take time to just be in the moment.

The bottom line

There's no doubt that social media is important today. And it isn't going anywhere.

Social media is supposed to be fun. It is NOT something that is supposed to make you feel like you aren't as good as someone else because your Instagram feed isn't as pretty, or your Snapchat story isn't as exciting. 

This is real life, guys. Don't let social media be the thing that brings you down. Use it as a tool to share your life with others in a positive way, but also remember that the most important moments take place away from social media.


  1. About 90% of the world needs to read your blog again and again and work upon this because all the youth is working upon their image on social media rather than in real life .so thanks for this post .


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