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Rosehip Oil: The Miracle Skincare Product

So skincare. I really love skincare to be completely honest with you. I love testing out new things and finding the best products, but finding the right products for my skin has been a loooong road. After doing tons of research online, I finally discovered this simple little product that I'd never heard of before that was supposed to be fabulous. I didn't have high hopes, mostly because I never really found products that I would call "miracle workers." BUT, here I am today to talk about rosehip oil and what it's done for my skin! Side note - This is NOT SPONSORED in any way, I'm just obsessed with rosehip oil.

Guys, I don't take skincare lightly. Let's first discuss my skin and the issues I've had with it along the way.

My skin before rosehip oil

My skin problems started in late middle school, the typical time for skin issues to start flaring up. I remember specifically being in 7th grade and having literally 6 gross, cystic pimples on my face. I was NOT a fan. Who would be?

I went to a dermatologist who basically told me to try out Proactiv and if that didn't work, we would explore other options. 

So here's the thing. Proactiv did work. And I WOULD recommend it for severe acne. I noticed that within about a month my skin had almost completely cleared up. Yes please?!

Let's flash forward to high school. A few years went by and my skin was pretty average (the occasional annoying pimple, but nothing too problematic). High school graduation came and went, before I knew it I was headed to college. And it was different.

Within the first week, my skin just went crazy. Dry patches, acne, discolored patches, etc. Not good. I blame a lot of that on the general stress of starting college. I went back to purchasing acne spot treatments and salicylic acid cleansers (which I hadn't purchased in years). 

So now here I was this past summer - A rising college junior still struggling with skin issues. I didn't have severe acne. I feel like that's important to understand. My skin just didn't look that great. I had acne scarring from acne breakouts I had literally YEARS ago, discoloration, redness, occasional pimples, dark under eye circles, texture bumps, etc. You name it, I probably had it on my face. 

I searched the internet for some kind of solution; something else to try. I stumbled upon rosehip oil.

My skin now (with rosehip oil)

After seeing a few testimonials on rosehip with glowing reviews, I knew I had to have it. I ordered some online and anxiously awaited the arrival of my potential miracle product.

When it got here, I decided to use it before applying my nighttime moisturizer. I just took a few tiny drops (that's all you really need) and patted/massaged it onto my face and down my neck.

Let me say - I woke up the next morning and I could already tell that my skin was getting better.

I've been using this product for about 2 months now and my acne scarring is almost completely gone, my skin looks much healthier, my texture bumps are GONE, my skin always feels hydrated, and I've only got 1 extremely tiny and practically unnoticeable pimple the whole time. 

Now, I know not everyone will have the same results with this product, but it's so worth testing it out. It has done wonders for my skin and I honestly never want to stop using it (and I probably won't... Haha).

Why it works

Rosehip seed oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids such as omega-3, 6, and 9. Our bodies are unable to produce these fatty acids, however, they're VERY essential to our overall health and the health of our skin.

It's these fatty acids that help keep skin hydrated and helps to reduce the appearance of scars, sun damage, and other skin problems.

Overall, my skin just looks better after applying this every night. If you don't feel comfortable just applying it directly to your face, you can also mix it in with your moisturizer.

Personally, I love just putting it right on my face. Putting on my rosehip seed oil has become my favorite part of my nighttime ritual.

Get your own bottle of miracle oil:

Have you tried rosehip seed oil? What's your favorite type of oil for skincare? I would love to know...I'm facial-oil-obsessed now.


  1. Thanks so much for this blog post (you've actually reminded me of how amazing Rosehip Oil is!)

    I suffer on/off with cystic acne and extremely dry skin and rosehip oil was a god send when I used it a year or so ago. I found it really soothed my skin and (like you) left it feeling really hydrated!

    I wrote a post where I mentioned rose hip oil here: I wonder if you've tried coconut oil? That's another one I swear by! (I write more about it in that post).

    Thanks again for such a great post!

    Olivia x

    1. Love it so much! I'll definitely check out your post :) I also love coconut oil! However, I had to stop using it on my face because it was starting to create breakouts. I still love using it as a body moisturizer though!

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