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3 Quick Tips for Getting Back Into the College Grind

The beginning of the semester can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming. I always feel like my life is all over the place when the semester kicks off (and you guys know how much of an organization freak I am). Getting back into the college routine takes a few days, or even a few weeks. Here are some tips for making the transition back to college every year just a little bit easier.

Keep calm during move in

Move in seems to be the first major stresser of the semester. Whether you're moving into a dorm, an apartment, or even a house, moving in just never seems to be easy.

Parents are stressed, roommates are stressed, we're stressed. 

To help make move in as easy as possible try these things:

+ Organize your items by box
+ Neatly fold your clothes in your suitcase so you don't have to fold when you get there
+ Wrap a trash bag around hanging clothes so you can hang them immediately when you get there
+ Get there early
+ Pack the essentials for that day and that evening in an overnight bag in case you don't feel like unpacking everything right away.

A smooth move in can make the beginning of school a whole lot more pleasant and relieve a ton of stress!

Start organizing your planner

I'm not going to lie, I LOVE organizing my planner for a new semester. I grab all my favorite color pens and get to it.

But it can be overwhelming. 

To make things a little easier I like to first add weekly commitments into my planner, such as weekly meetings or certain assignments that might be due on the same day every week. 

Then, I like to go ahead and put in any super important dates, like the dates of exams, midterms, and even finals.

Lastly, I'll start going more in depth for the next two week out. This really helps me get back into using my planner for school!

Get back into a sleep schedule

If you fell out of your sleep schedule over the summer (whoops), start going to bed and waking up at the same time again. Even if you have classes starting at different times everyday, still try and wake up at the same time each day. 

This will help you body get back into a rhythm and you won't feel so exhausted when you wake up in the morning. 

Do you guys have any tips for getting back into the college grind? It's always an adjustment. This is my third year getting back into it and it's still TOUGH.


  1. I'm not a student but this post is so motivating for me, love the positivity!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk



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