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Tips For Having Perfect Hair This Summer

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I feel like summer is the time of year that our hair kind of gets put to the test. I used to really struggle with my hair, particularly in the summer. My hair gets DRY. And I mean drrrrry. Most of my life I've literally wondered what it's like to have shiny, moisturized hair. No exaggeration. I know this is a problem for a lot of gals out there, so I wanted to share some tips that can help you have perfect hair this summer.

Go longer between washes

I was super skeptical of this at first, but I gave it a shot awhile ago and now I'm OBSESSED with not washing my hair everyday. It's difficult at first because your hair isn't quite used to not being washed everyday, so it's probably going to feel a little greasier than usual.

But don't give up.

During the summer when my hair gets dry, I find that not washing it as often helps keep in those "good oils" and makes my hair a lot shinier, and it just doesn't feel as blah.

Use hair products designed to prevent breakage and hydrate

I spent way too long purchasing hair products that weren't right for my hair. I would honestly just grab the first shampoo and conditioner set I saw (or even one brand of conditioner and another brand of shampoo...AH). Such a big mistake.

It's so important to treat your hair with products that nourish it and cater to your specific issue. For me, it's moisture. My hair just needs moisture.

So that's why I love Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Moisture Shampoo and Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Moisture ConditionerGliss Hair Repair is a hair care line new the the US market, focusing specifically on hair repair. As someone who styles their hair a lot, I was so excited to find out that Gliss products deliver proven, measurable results in repairing hair that has been damaged from styling, coloring, or just the nature of the hair itself.

The products are conveniently available to your local Walmart store in the hair care isle.

Don't struggle yourself with dry hair? Hey, well we all have our own hair issues. Gliss Hair Repair offers a variety of products for different hair struggles like split ends, volume, color protection, and extremely damaged hair.

Use a hair treatment weekly

I had never used a hair treatment before until about a year ago. I honestly didn't think they anything at all... But once I tried it, my mind was changed almost immediately. 

As someone who as always dealt with dry hair, I kind of thought I was just doomed to suffer. One of my biggest tips for other dry hair gals is to use an amazing hair treatment weekly! It's not necessary to use it every time you wash your hair. Now I'm obviously not a hair expert, but using a treatment weekly has done wonders for my own hair!

The best one I tried so far is the Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Moisture Anti-Breakage Treatment. Anti-Breakage Treatment. Oh my goodness. Every time I use this my hair feels and smells AMAZING afterwards. After I shampoo and condition with the Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Moisture Shampoo and Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Moisture Conditioner, I'll just apply this to my hair and leave it in for at least a minute. 

Try to limit your heat styling

This is a tough one for me guys, because I truly do not like having wet hair. I used to use a lot of curling irons and straighteners, but I've managed to get better at only using those on occasion. I don't know if I'll ever be able to give up my beloved blow dryer completely, but I'm definitely getting much better at letting my hair air dry.

I hate to say it but... I'm starting to like the look of air dried hair?

Cutting down on the amount of heat styling I use has seriously done wonders for my hair. 

If you sleep with your hair up, use a scrunchy

Oh yeah, remember those things from 2006? They're actually a lot more useful than you might expect. I read awhile back that regular hair elastics can actually be extremely damaging to your hair, and you should use scrunchies instead. All of my scrunchies had apparently disappeared into the depths of the earth, so I picked some up at the store one day and now, we're best friends.

If I ever sleep anywhere other than the home of my scrunchies and I forget to bring one with me, I'm terribly sad. And so is my hair.

Scrunchies are super comfortable to sleep in, and they don't usually leave those ugly hair elastic marks. They're much easier on your delicate hair, so they make the perfect sleep style holder.

Let me know in the comments your tips for having perfect hair during the summer, and all year round! Be sure to check out the new Gliss Hair Repair products on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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  1. I haven't used anything from the Gliss range but they sound great! And I always like to use a silk pillowcase which is much softer on the hair than cotton!

    Anika xo |

    1. I've been wanting to try that! I've heard they're amazing for your hair!

  2. Great tips! I too am a girl who has had a life long struggle with dry, frizzy hair. I've found that air drying, especially now that my hair is short, is working well for me! I'm going to have to try the scrunchy trick, that's very clever.
    Julia | Julia in Bluhm

    1. I definitely try to air dry my hair whenever I can.. avoiding heat products is key!

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