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Summer Makeup Look: Get Ready With Me

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Is anyone else wondering where summer went? It's already practically mid August and I'm not really over if. I wanted to share one last summer-related posts before the summer is behind us (sadness). This look is kind of a bronzy-no-makeup-makeup-look, because that's literally what I wear ALL summer when I wear makeup. I'm sharing with you guys my summer get ready routine from start to finish! So let's get started:

Step 1: Shower time

The first thing I obviously do to get ready is hop in the shower. 

I always use my Tone® Blissful Awakening Body Wash or my Tone® Radiant Glow Body Wash in the morning because they give me that boost I need in the morning. 

Does anyone else ever feel like just hanging around on a summer weekend and not really feel like doing anything productive? I know I do. I swear when I use the Tone® body washes I instantly feel like conquering the day. 

The scent is SO amazing. I'm super into scents. Scents are one of those things that I feel like can either make or break the day, ya know? Every time I smell these body washes I feel like I'm on vacation. It's just such a great way to start my morning, and you guys know I'm ALLLL about routine, and these have become a huge part of my routine since I tried them!

I use the Tone® Blissful Awakening Body Wash to feel revitalized, and the Tone® Radiant Glow Body Wash to feel confident and ready to take on the day. #HowITone

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Be sure to grab your own Tone® Body Wash at your local WalMart!

Step 2: Makeup time

1) Tinted moisturizer

I typically only wear real foundation occasionally to work during the summer. I don't like the feeling of heavy makeup on my face, so I try to stick to mostly tinted moisturizer throughout the summer. I would definitely recommend something light such as BB cream, CC cream, or of course tinted moisturizer during the summer.

2) Concealer

If I'm wearing makeup I feel like I need to wear concealer under my eyes. I love to apply it in a triangular shape to highlight my face. I always get a shade or two lighter when purchasing concealer so that I get that nice brightened effect under my eyes (have to combat those dark circles, am I right?)

I blend it in with a beauty sponge to keep everything from looking cake-y. I absolutely LOVE the finish of beauty sponges. I think it looks natural and flawless at the same time. 

3) Powder

I'll set everything with a light powder to make sure the look lasts all day and I don't need to touch up. Who likes touching up makeup throughout the day? Nope, not me.

I like to use a big, fluffy brush because it seems to distribute the product more all over my face. It also helps me avoid getting too much powder in and area which can make your face look a little dry. 

4) Bronzer

I know we all want that summery, bronzy glow. I have super fair skin and I like to avoid going out in the summer without SPF, so I rely on bronzer to give me that summery glow. 

I don't usually wear shimmery bronzer, but the cute Tone® Body Wash bottles have recently inspired me to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to all things beauty. Plus, how cute are the metallic bottles? I was ready to GLOW today.

5) Blush

I'm also loving shimmery blushes lately. Summer is definitely the time to try out new products and go for the glow. Let me know if you guys are into shimmery products too! 

6) Brows

Obviously I need to fill in the brows. I try to fill them in as lightly as I can during the summer so that it looks as natural as possible. 

7) The eyes

Lately I've been loving adding that same shimmery bronzer into my crease just to give a bit of dimension. I don't naturally have much of a crease, so I like to create one user some gorgeous summer bronzer. 

Then, I go in with a lengthening mascara and fake that I have super long lashes.

8) Highlight!

Since I'm already totally glowing from my Tone® Radiant Glow Body Wash, I might as well make my face glow as well, right? ;) Summer is the time of year where it's totally acceptable to pack on the highlight and literally glow like a radiant diamond. 

Hope you enjoyed this glowy makeup tutorial! 

You guys need to head over to your local WalMart and grab yourselves some of these Tone® Body Washes (highly recommend Blissful Awakening or Radiant Glow!) Also check out their fabulous, summery and colorful Instagram page, Facebook, and Twitter.

See you in my next post! 


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