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How To Have Gorgeous Nails

I don't think I'm the only one in this world that feels basically like a new person with a fresh manicure. Whenever I have something coming up that I have to plan a look for, instead of instantly thinking about what kind of outfit I'm going to wear, I think about what color my nails should be. You could say I'm a little obsessed. BUT. I get asked about my nails at least 3 times a week, no exaggerations here. 

People are always asking me if my nails are real and where I get them done. Guess what, they're real and I get them done by ME. I get so many questions from people (particularly people that meet me in person) about my nails, and when I say they're real, I swear sometimes people don't believe me. I wanted to write this post to share some of my "insider secrets" (lol) on having the best nails ever. 

First off... Why should you even care about your nails?

Your hands are one of the first things people notice about you. 

Shaking someone's hand at a job interview? 

Giving a presentation at school?

Going out to lunch?

Your hands are going to get noticed. Now, if you aren't into nail polish and all that jazz like me that's totally okay. You don't need nail polish to keep your nails looking fab. You can still use my tips for having gorgeous nails!

Tip #1

Moisturize those hands

I don't know about anyone else, but my hands get dry. Once I started carrying around my fave hand lotion (it's literally $2), I noticed a huge difference in my nails. My hands in general just looked a lot healthier, and my nails felt so much stronger. 

Now I've become slightly addicted to hand lotion. Every time I wash my hands, I have to put on lotion after or I feel like my hands are all weird and dry. Anyone else?

Tip #2

Always protect your nails with a base coat

If you're like me and always painting your nails, you absolutely have to make sure that your nails are protected. Applying nail color directly to your nails with no barrier can be super damaging, and that is not what what we want.

I love this base coat because it helps keep my polish on for literally two weeks and really protects my nails from damage. 

Even if you don't usually wear nail polish, it's still a great idea to wear some kind of base coat on your nails to protect them.

Tip #3

File with care

I used to be so guilty of ignoring this tip, and once I started focusing on filing my nails more carefully I started to notice that my nails were much less fragile. Instead of vigorously filing back and forth to get the job done fast, take your time and try your best to file in one direction.

It's a bit tedious and it takes longer than just quickly filing back and forth, but it'll save you from having to deal with brittle, broken nails later. 

Tip #4

Don't bite!

Is there anyone out there who has never bitten their nails? Let me know. I'm genuinely curious. I feel like a lot of people don't actually want to admit that they used to be a nail biter, or they maybe still are?

I for one used to bite my nails. I think what really helped me stop was wearing nail polish? I know, weird. But when I started really taking care of my nails and painting them nicely I didn't want to bite them, because I knew I would ruin them! So, my advice is to find some way to stop biting your nails. No one likes to look up super short, chewed up nails.

It's definitely a horrible, unhygienic habit that can be difficult to stop... But you really need to stop. And you totally can!

Tip #5

Use cuticle oil/cream before bed

I discovered cuticle cream about a year ago and everyone I tell about it gets completely hooked. This one is my fave. It smells like delicious lemons and comes in a cute little container that I like to keep with me. 

Having healthy cuticles is really important for having healthy nails and healthy looking hands in general. All I do is grab a little bit on my finger and massage it onto my cuticles at least once a day.

Some fab nail essentials + my fave colors:

Do you have any tips for having healthy, gorgeous nails?!


  1. I really want to start working on having better nails, struggling so much stopping biting them though! x

    1. I used to bite my nails too! I feel like having polish on them helps though :)

  2. Hannah, thank you for sharing these great tips with us. I'm a huge nail polish fanatic too! I love dark or really opaque colors.
    Hope you're having a lovely summer! xo


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