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How to Use Pinterest to Explode Your Blog

Oh why hello there! Long time no blog, huh? As many of you already know, I have a full time internship this summer, which has taken up a bit of my blogging time. I know things have been just a little sporadic lately, so bare with me, I'm working on getting to the point where I can still post once or twice a week. Nevertheless, come August, my blogging schedule will be back to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so hang tight my beautiful friends.  Today, I wanted to talk about Pinterest, a blogger's dream resource. Pinterest has been the social media platform that has truly taken my blog to the next level. Here's how:

When I tell you that literally 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, I'm not lying to you. I swear. Pinterest is the absolute best platform for bloggers to completely dominate. I'm going to share with you how exactly you can dominate Pinterest to.

Let's start from the beginning...

I started my little blog over a year ago, and I would simply pin an ugly, horizontal, useless photo from my blog post to Pinterest and expect the traffic to come flooding in. Nope. Nothing. So I started researching.

What I discovered is that Pinterest is VISUAL. Yes, sort of obvious, but maybe not. If you aren't pinning super optimized Pinterest photos, no one is going to repin them. So,

Optimize your Pinterest photos

As I said, horizontal photos do not do well on Pinterest. Unless a literal celebrity pins it, I can pretty much guarantee you that no one is really going to see that photo. 

Using sites such as Canva (my fave and the only one I use) is a great option because they have templates that you can create your images on that are already Pinterest optimized.

What do I mean by Pinterest optimized?

I mean large, vertical, colorful, pretty, aesthetically pleasing images that everyone is going to want to repin. 

Create super pretty Pinterest images

As I said, you can easily use Canva to create your images, as there's already a sized template you can use for the perfectly sized Pinterest image.

Pinterest is super visual. If you aren't creating images that people want to repin, they simply won't. No matter how good the information is when you click on the image, no one is going to click on it if it doesn't look nice.

For example, this is the first board that I pin all my blog posts to. I've titled this the name of my blog, and all the Pinterest images are nice and clean looking with CONSISTENT BRANDING. While it's fun to play around with different layouts in Canva, you really should stick to it once you've found one you like.

As you can see, I sometimes pin other images from my blog post to the board as well (even if they're horizontal images). These aren't the ones that I assume will get any repins, but it doesn't hurt. I do ALWAYS pin my Pinterest optimized image to this board.

Transition your Pinterest account to a business account

Another quick thing that can help out your Pinterest profile is making your account into a business account. Pinterest has really simple instructions here.

A Pinterest business account allows you to add a link to your site and also provides you with free analytics of how your pins are performing.

If you select "analytics" in the top left corner, Pinterest will bring you to an overview of your analytics and show you your top pins and how your engagement is doing. You can also go to different tabs with analytics and find out even more about your follows and how they engage with you!

Try to have consistent branding

Here's that little thing I mentioned earlier... Consistent branding. It doesn't have to be perfect by any means, but can you see how my boards remain consistent with the color scheme? This color scheme also matches my blog and Instagram.

By no means does this have to be perfect, but it's important to try and stay as consistent as possible when it comes to your blog and social media accounts.

Join group Pinterest boards

Group boards, oh my goodness. I wish these handy little charms came into my life earlier, as they make such a difference in the views and clicks that your pins get. Usually all you have to do is send a message to the group administrator and ask them to add you to the group.

As you gain more followers on Pinterest, people will probably just start adding you to group boards anyway because they enjoy your content.

Joining group boards wildly expands who sees your pins. For bloggers, this is so amazing. I would highly recommend seeking out some group boards and start pinning like crazy.

Do you have any tips for using Pinterest to increase your blog pageviews and engagement? I'd love to here your suggestions also!

And friends... I promise I'm working on a more consistent blog schedule during this busy summer. Don't hate me. Love y'all.


  1. Great tips, I definitely think I'll work on creating some Pin-worthy images!

    Anika xo |

  2. Great post! I definitely need to step up my Pinterest game. Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


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