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Dorm Room Themes & How to Create Them

One of the many exciting things about going off to college is creating a whole new space for yourself away from your home for the last 18 years. There are so many different ways you can go when it comes to dorm room decor, so I wanted to share some super cute themes with you guys, along with products you can purchase in order to create that exact theme!


You guys, nautical themes used to be my JAM. This is basically what I went for for my first two years of college and it's honestly a theme you cannot go wrong with. If you want to see what my dorm looked like last year, click here! This theme is beachy, girly, and adorable. I'm changing it up a lot this year (since I'll have my own room in an apartment...woo!). Don't worry, I'll share which of these themes I'll be using this year as well... 

SO if you're looking for a simple and cute first year theme, nautical is a great choice!

Ultimate prep

Preppy is of course very similar to nautical. I always think of preppy as nautical with a bit of extra girly-ness. I definitely had a mix of the two during my first two years of college. I love how bright and fun this theme is! Every time you walk into your room, I swear you'll feel a little happier.

Boho chic

I've noticed that this is such a popular dorm room theme, because there's seriously so many comforters and other bedroom decor available that would work perfectly to support this theme. This theme is summery, bright, yet also simplistic and is really easy to achieve. 


Minimalistic themes are all the rage right now. This is a very clean and simple theme that you truly cannot go wrong with. If you are unsure what kind of dorm room theme to choose, I would definitely choose this one! It goes with so many different personality types and will look great with so many different types of simple decor.

Keep the color tones neutral and soft, and you'll have the perfect minimalistic dorm room theme!

Blush pink and gold

Has anyone else seen blush pink and gold absolutely EVERYWHERE? I'm not going to lie guys, this is my absolute favorite dorm room theme and I'm using it for my room next semester! I'm going to link some of the items I already have for my bedroom next semester so you guys can see some of my faves. (I'll have a full bed rather than twin xl next year, so that's why the comforter and sheets are full sized, but no worries because I'm also linking twin xl similar versions!)

Which one of these dorm themes is your fave? Let me know how you decorated your college dorm!


  1. I recently discovered your blog and love it, Hannah! I'm going to be a freshman this year. I am so, so scared. My room theme is definitely preppy! I've picked up all things hot pink and navy blue. I'm going to ask for some more Lilly decor around Christmas time, since it can get a little pricey. Great post!

    1. Thanks so much girl! :) best of luck with college, your room will be so cute xo


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