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Spring Fashion Must-Haves


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Hi friends! It's been a bit, eh? I love spring, but with spring comes with tons of schoolwork as the semester is coming to close. BUT this post is not about that! I wanted to share a few spring fashion must-haves for this season. One of my favorite things about spring is finally being able to break out my pastel favorites and cute floral items. Don't forget to share some of your favorite fashion items for spring in the comments!

Slip-on shoes have recently become an obsession of mine. They're so easy to quickly slip on in the morning and they're so comfortable for doing a lot of walking (i.e walking around campus). I found these pastel ones and I felt like they just completely screamed spring! 

Sunglasses are definitely an all year round item, but I always find myself craving new sunnies when the weather starts to warm up. You can get plenty of inexpensive sunglasses, but if you trust yourself enough to keep some more expensive sunglasses (haha) it's worth the investment!

The other day, I discovered that I had 3 jean jackets. Is that necessary?! Probably not. I guess I've just accumulated a number of jackets over time. Nevertheless, jean jackets are a complete staple for spring. Sometimes the weather can still be a bit chilly sometimes, and a jean jacket is perfect to throw over a tee shirt in case the breeze picks up. 

You don't have too many excuses to carry blush pink or other pastel bags, but spring is for sure the ultimate excuse! I love my pastel bag, and it always makes me feel so spring-y when I break it out. Pastels go with so many different things so they really are practical for spring. 

Florals are a given for spring. Floral tops, dresses, skirts, even pants?! There's nothing that says spring more than florals. Floral dresses are the perfect staple. You could throw a cute cardigan or jean jacket over them and you have the perfect spring look. 

Off-the-shoulder tops are the absolute cutest for spring. The one I've linked is SO adorable. I love the light pink color and the embroidering. They're always so flattering as well, so who doesn't love that?!

I really wasn't sure how I felt about these type of skirts at first, but I have to be honest, they've really grown on me recently. Jean skirts have been kind of "out" for the past few years. I remember when I was in middle school everyone was wearing those ripped up jeans skirts, but I'm feeling grateful that those have not come back. I think these ones are so much classier! 

From the first time I saw lace-up flats, I've absolutely been in love. These are the ultimate spring shoe. I have a black pair, but I'm interested in getting a nude pair because I feel like nude is even more spring-y!

Again with the florals! Floral skirts are perfect to wear with a simple black or white tee, because they add a little something to the outfit without being too much. 

Chambray shirts are great to throw over a tee shirt or tank top if it's breezy outside, or they can also be worn with white pants or any type of skirt. These are another staple for spring because they go with so much!

What are some of your favorite fashion items for spring?


  1. I just purchased some pink lace up flats that I cannot wait to wear this Spring. So cute and comfy. My next item will definitely be a pastel color bag. Great post!



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