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NYC for a Day

Happy Monday you guys! I feel like it's been awhile since I've shared a more personal post on my blog. I went to New York over the weekend a few weeks ago with my boyfriend Zach, so I thought I would share some photos and some of the things we did. I absolutely love New York City, but having grown up in a small town, the city can be pretty overwhelming. I really enjoyed the trip though, and it was fun to be out and about in New York in the beautiful weather!

We went to Rockefeller Center and I was absolutely shocked to see that the skating rink was still there. It's mid April and there were still people skating! 

We did a walk through Times Square, because of course we were in NY! The amount of people walking through the streets is absolutely crazy to someone who grew up in a little town. There's people trying to sell you things everywhere and I swear there's people pushing past you in every direction!

 It's so cool to see all the huge billboards and advertisements. As someone who is interested in advertising, just simply thinking about how much it must cost to advertise in NYC blows my mind.

Of course we had to make a stop at Central Park, and we actually ended up sticking around there for awhile. I was mesmerized by all the adorable dogs walking by. I ended up even seeing a cat just chilling in the park?! I have two cats at home, and I know they would absolutely die of fright in the middle of Central Park. I couldn't believe the cat was just sitting there peacefully with his owners!

Coat (similar) | Top | Necklace (similar) | Sunglasses (similar) | Bag

We ate dinner at Johnny Rockets, which is to DIE FOR. I've been to Johnny Rockets before, but is it possible that it was actually better in NYC? I swear. It was just so good.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a few pictures from our NYC trip!

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  1. That is probably the best day of your life that I have been willing to live rest of my life. I really want to be the part of your life so I could also see the places where you have been till now.


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