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Essentials for the On the Go College Student

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College students are notoriously busy people. We're always running from class, to the gym, to social events, etc., and while that busy lifestyle is definitely an adjustment, it becomes a fun part of our lives as we get used to it. As someone who is on the go a lot, I often find myself needing a few key things with me at all times. Today, I'm sharing a post all about the essentials for the on the go college student (featuring LIFEWTR that I purchased conveniently from 7-Eleven). Keep reading to find out my essentials, and be sure to share yours in the comments below!

Phone charger

I started carrying a phone charger with me this year and I'm so glad that I did. If you have stacked classes like me, it's easy to find yourself low on battery at the worst times possible. Although it's always a smart idea to unplug during class, I do input a lot of reminders into my phone, so I like to make sure that it's charged all the time throughout the day. Some people even put their entire schedule and planner on their phones, so then it's even more essential to keep it charged!

If you keep an old charger in your bag, you don't have to worry about running out of battery at the worst time possible.

Lip Balm

I ALWAYS have lip balm with me, and if I ever forget it, I literally feel incomplete. Especially when you have a day filled with classes, meetings, and studying, having lip balm on you is a huge relief when your lips start to get dry.

Hand lotion

I'm a huge advocate for hand lotion. I'm always reapplying it throughout the day, especially after I apply hand sanitizer (coming up next). Taking notes all day or typing on your laptop seriously takes a toll on your hands. Hand lotion comes in handy every single day for me!

I also like to apply it after washing my hands with the sub-par soap in the bathrooms in my class buildings. I feel like it dries out my hands and that's just SO uncomfortable to deal with all day.

Hand sanitizer

Sometimes my friends laugh at me because I'm such a freak about hand sanitizer. After getting sick practically every month of college last year, I now make it a point to use hand sanitizer ALL the time. I never realized how germy college is. Some people don't wash their hands (ew!) and are pretty much just walking germs. I know using hand sanitizer isn't as good as washing your hands, obviously, but it's better than nothing when you're running around and don't have time for a quick stop in the bathroom to wash your hands.


How can anyone survive college without snacks?! Especially when you're on the go, taking snacks is essentials so that you can stay fueled. I like to try to take along nutritious snacks such as nuts, cereal bars or granola bars, or crackers. Anything high in protein is a great option if you're running around all day!

There's nothing worse than going through a long day of classes when you're absolutely starving. Taking along snacks to munch on throughout the day will make a long day a bit more bearable!

A refreshing bottle of water

This year, I've really made it a point to stay hydrated throughout the day. My favorite water to drink is LIFEWTR! I never used to have a preference as to which brand of water I liked, but ever since trying out this refreshing purified water from LIFEWTR, it's all I want to drink! LIFEWTR even is pH-balanced, with electrolytes added for taste.

The brand is all about creativity and inspiration, so I think this is the perfect drink for college students. College is a time to express ourselves and come up with new ideas to change the world. LIFEWTR is the perfect daily companion for the creative and curious college student.

I was able to purchase LIFEWTR at 7-Eleven, which is SO convenient! I don't always have time to go into a big grocery store, so I love that I can make a quick stop at 7-Eleven to grab my favorite water.

Be sure to visit the LIFEWTR website here and their social hub here. You can also follow them on Instagram (@LIFEWTR), like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter for more daily inspiration!

What are some of your on the go essentials?


  1. Great tips! When I went to college I use to be super prepared too. Those stacked classes are no joke! #client

    1. I know right! The day can be so exhausting! Gotta be prepared:)

  2. I nearly have a panic attack if I don't take my phone charger to campus with me nowadays! Haha. Coffee is another must-have for me, and I try to keep a bottle of water around to stay hydrated, too! ☺

    1. So true! Coffee is definitely something to add to the list :)

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