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How to Organize Your College Planner

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know how I feel about planners. As a college student, I honestly believe I couldn't get by without my planner. I schedule social events, class assignments, projects, exam studying, etc. in my planner. You guys seem to enjoy my organizational posts, so I wanted to share a post all about how I organize my planner! 

I've been using planners since high school, but I really stepped up my planner game when I got to college. I've tried out a lot of methods for organizing my planner and I've finally found one that seems to work well for me. Personally, color coding with highlighters and pens is the best way for me to organize my thoughts and be able to get things done. You just have to figure out what exactly works for you, and I hope my planner organization will help you do that!

First of all, I wanted to share that my planner is from the brand Eccolo. I actually found it at TJ Maxx last summer and I decided to grab it and I'm so glad I did! I absolutely love this planner and it's perfect for the average college student. If you aren't lucky enough to come across one of these planners at TJ Maxx or online, I also love the Lilly Pulitzer planners. I had one of these last year and it was perfect. 

How I Organize My Planner


When it comes to organizing my planner daily, I use tons of colored pens and highlighters. I use one color for each class, and then I put social engagements in pink. When I've completed a task, I like to highlight/cross out that item in my planner using a yellow highlighter. If I have an exam that day, I'll also outline that day in orange so it stands out! If I've partially completed the task, I'll use a pink highlighter to indicate that the task needs to be completed tomorrow. 

As you can see, I'll write something like "COM 381: Work on abstract," in the particular color that I've selected for the class. On the right, I'll put all the different assignments I have to take care of. On the left, I'll write in any important due dates or social engagements. 

Since this is my planner spread from a previous week, you can see that I've highlighted the items in yellow that I completed that day, and I've highlighter the items in pink that I ended up working on that day. 


I practically didn't use the weekly spread at all my freshmen year, but this year I've really started using it and I find it super helpful! I especially like it when I need to schedule an appointment, because I can easily see an overview of what I have for the week.

In my weekly spread, I'll add due dates for particular classes in their selected color, important deadlines in red, and social engagements in pink. Like I do with my daily spread, I outline days where I have an exam in orange so that it stands out (yes, I know. I don't really have a lot of exams. Since I'm a communications major, a lot of our work has to do with showing what you know through essays and projects rather than memorizing information for a test!)

I also like to cross of days that have already passed so that I can easily open my planner and not get confused by extra information. I still like to be able to see everything, so that's why I cross things out in highlighter rather than black marker or anything.


Like I said, I use colored pens and highlighters for my planner. Below, you can find all the organizational items that I use for my planner!

These pens are absolutely amazing. I purchased them at the beginning of last year and NONE of them have run out of ink yet! They write really smoothly and have lasted me so long. Plus, they're incredibly inexpensive and easy to find!

Highlighters are another planner essential for me, as I use them to cross out completed work and highlight important dates. These ones are my favorite because they're super thick and also last a long time.

Other planner junkies know exactly what I'm talking about here... A planner screw up is no fun! I actually recently ran out of white out and wasn't able to white out mistakes in my planner this month, because I kept forgetting to pick up some more. You can see a few scribbles here and there where something needed to be moved or I wrote something down wrong. I love the ones that I've linked because it's kind of impossible to have a white out explosion with these. I need to go back to the store and remember to get another one for next month!

I love to keep sticky notes with me to keep my planner nice and neat. If the professor is explaining the homework quickly at the end of class and I don't have time to nicely write it in my planner, I'll quickly scribble it down on a sticky note and stick it on the day and write it in my planner later. This keeps my planner neat so these come in handy all the time!


I would LOVE to know how you guys organize your planners! As always, please leave any requests in the comments or email me to chat!


  1. Ok you seem to have the perfect organizational system here. I'm definitely saving this. I'm a college freshman and I'm typically very on top of my planner about half the time... and then the other half of the time I get frustrated because it gets kinda messy and unorganized. I really really love the way you use different colors and highlighters, I'm gonna have to try that. Also I hadn't heard of this brand, but I'll have to check it out. :)
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

    1. Keeping your planner organized helps so much! It can get really overwhelming when everything is messy, so color coding and highlighting helps me keep things neat! Plus, it's pretty looking, so I enjoy checking it to see what I have going on for the day:)

  2. I love those pens too! Love your ideas for your dailies and the color coding for classes. I currently use a bullet journal and I'm excited to incorporate some of these ideas into my next spread!

    Jenna //

    1. I have always wanted to try out a bullet planner! I just can't seem to let go of this type of planner though D:

  3. If anyone is like me and struggles with poor time management, I would recommend the Day Designer by Blue Sky, the Daily/Monthly layout. This is what I have and I absolutely LOVE IT. It has a section in front that helps you set your goals for the year and create steps to work towards them. You can also plan out your day to the half hour, so if you're like me and need to see everything written out on a clock to make sure you keep it together and get stuff done, this planner is great for that. To do list sections and notes for each day as well as gratitude sections so you can reward yourself for sticking to your schedule and getting things done. Being organized isn't always easy for some so this planner help some motivate me a little and I can keep myself very accountable.

    1. I've heard great things about the Day Designer! Thanks for the tips!:)

  4. These ideas are dynamite! One of my majors is Communication, and I'm an avid planner user, so I felt an instant connection to your ideas! These are awesome and I'll definitely be using them in my vision planner from this company:

  5. Love it! Very organized! Thank you!

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