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How To Deal With Stress In College

Stress. We all try to avoid it, but somehow it always creeps up on us and we suddenly feel overwhelmed, and then we're ready to quit and put on Netflix. I know I've discussed this before on my blog, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it since this semester has been particularly stressful for me. The last few weeks, I've felt behind on schoolwork, blogging, and other aspects of life. I'm thankful that spring break is nearly upon us (yay!) but that also means that work tends to pile up right before spring break. I've realized that professors suddenly realize around this time that there's only two months or less left in the semester and they need to catch up. I wanted to share some tips that have helped me make it through these few particularly stressful weeks!

Plan it out

When I'm feeling stressed, it helps me to get everything down on paper and out of my brain. With this time of year comes lots of assignment due dates, exams, and papers to write. If you want to learn more about how I work to stay on top of my homework, you can read this post. It's SO important to stay on top of everything during this time, so planning it all out is really helpful. 

I like to use both the monthly overview and daily overview in my planner. The image below is a snapshot of part of my monthly calendar last semester, although I've gotten a bit more intricate with it this semester (more color coding, more items in the monthly section in general).

Get at least 7 hours of sleep

My mind is still blown that some people actually pull all nighters. My advice: never do that. Sleep is so incredibly important in college, and if you don't sleep enough, you'll honestly just feel terrible. If it's between staying up all night studying and going to sleep, go to sleep. You'll thank yourself in the morning. 

Not sleeping enough really takes a toll on your body. There's nothing nicer than going to sleep after a long, stressful day and waking up completely refreshed in the morning. I usually aim to get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep each night!

Find little things to calm you down

I've found myself loading up on peppermint tea the last couple weeks, because that always helps me relieve stress when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Whenever I feel myself starting to get anxious, I make some peppermint tea in my Keurig

I also find that sitting down and writing in a journal can help relieve stress. As I was talking about earlier, getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper can be so helpful.  

Even if it's turning on your favorite show on Netflix (currently obsessed with Shameless), if it makes you feel good, go for it!

Keep healthy snacks on hand

Eating healthy is obviously important ALL time the time, even when you aren't feeling stressed. When you're feeling extra overwhelmed though, it can be easy to just grab whatever is easy and eat that quickly. 

You also don't want to overeat, of course, so usually having 5 small meals a day is a good way to ensure that you're remembering to eat throughout the day.

When you're snacking, instead of reaching for the potato chips, try an energy bar, or one of these tasty bars

Fit in some exercise

Exercise is an amazing stress reliever. I recently tried out spin classes and I LOVE it. It's probably the hardest workout I've ever tried, but it's absolutely amazing. Workout classes are great for me because I have to sign up, so it forces me to go!

If you don't like the whole idea of group exercise classes, finding just an hour (or less!) to go to the gym can make you feel so much better. I love to go for runs (when the weather gets nicer, of course), but for now I'm sticking to exercise classes and the gym to stay in shape and relieve a ton of stress.

Study/do work in small increments

I've noticed that sitting at my desk and studying for hours tends to stress me out a ton. I like to use the 50-10 rule and study for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Within the 50 minutes of studying or doing homework, I put my iPhone on "do not disturb" so I don't get distracted by social media notifications, texts, or calls. That way, during my 10 minute break I can check my phone without having it interfere with my study time. 

Do you have any tips for relieving stress in college?


  1. This is such a helpful post! I use my planner like crazy and write down information in it daily. It is especially beneficial to keep track of my assignments. There is no way I could use a phone planner. I need to physically write down my homework or else I definitely would lose track of it.

    1. Me too girl! I definitely prefer the handwritten planner:)

  2. Hannah, great post! I am a "stresser". I can't help but stress about the little things. I recently got my blood pressure checked and it was pre-hypertensive! It really scared me but also motivated me to start dealing with. I started going to the gym twice a week and made some changes in my diet, like drinking more water. It has really helped a lot.

    1. Going to the gym or getting any type of exercise does wonders for my stress levels! Thanks for sharing Victoria:)

    2. I have the same issues, I definitely understand. Working out and focusing on my diet gives me a sense of control when I am stressed out about everything little thing in my life. This article gives me a lot of other options of things to do to eliminate some of my stress. Hannah's tips are very helpful!


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