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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Happy February you guys! I feel like people tend to hate on February because of the fact that it's so cold and snowy (at least in New England), but I actually like February, since it's my birthday month of course! With February comes Valentine's Day... One of the most hated holidays ever. As I said in my last Valentine's Day Gift Guide (for him), I actually like Valentine's Day and I've always thought it was a cute holiday. I wanted to share some Valentine's Day gift ideas for her. Whether you're looking for something to get your significant other or your looking for inspiration for your Valentine's Day wishlist (come on, we all have one), I'm glad you stumbled upon my post and hopefully I can help you out!

A watch

Some sort of jewelry is always a nice Valentine's Day gift, and a watch isn't exactly your typical Valentine's Day jewelry, so it's nice to give something a little different. This watch has a really nice baby pink band (my favorite colors!) but if you're looking for something a little more basic, this one has a nice black band that's more simple. Here are some great options for women's watches:


Jewelry is a completely classic option for Valentine's Day. If you're looking for the perfect gift, jewelry just might be the way to go because you can truly never go wrong! You can really show that you know someone through the piece of jewelry that you get them. It can be an extremely personalized gift, and personalized gifts definitely make the best Valentine's Day presents. For example, if her style is relatively preppy, this monogrammed necklace would be the perfect gift. 


This might seem like a random gift, but honestly who doesn't love music?! I would love to get a nice pair of headphones for Valentine's Day! It's definitely the perfect gift for your significant other (on my wishlist!). And plus, how cute are these ones

A robe

I'm currently swooning over this floral robe. I've recently gotten really into cozy robes, and I'm on the hunt for a nice silk robe! Robes are definitely another classic Valentine's Day gift. Aside from being an adorable gift idea, it's also a practical one. I use my favorite robe just about everyday!


Sunglasses are yet another practical yet awesome gift to give on Valentine's Day. I'm really into rose gold right now, so I would love ones like these! There's endless options when it comes to sunglasses, so you can easily choose a design and style that will fit her personality perfectly.

Make sure to check out my previous Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him! Hopefully this post helped you pick out something for your significant other or maybe helped you pick out some things that you want for Valentine's Day!

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