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Creating The Perfect Valentine's Day Pink Lip


Valentine's Day is quickly approaching (check out my gift guides here and here) and I'm getting excited for all the pink! Pink has always been my favorite color and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for me to get all pinked out. I wanted to share some ideas for creating the perfect Valentine's Day pink lip. I've always been obsessed with the Leslie Knope pink lip (shoutout Parks N' Rec), and it's the perfect lip color to go for this Valentine's Day. I'll be sharing a few different lip combinations so that you can create the perfect pink lip!



There's so many fancy lip products out there today that sometimes we forget how great a good old fashioned lipstick is! I love pink lipstick for everyday wear, but I especially love it for holidays such as Valentine's Day. Three of my favorites are Maybelline Blushing Bud, Maybelline Daringly Nude (matte), and Maybelline Pink Sand.

Maybelline Blushing Bud // This lipstick is the definition of a perfect pink lipstick. It's not too fuchsia and it's not too nude. It's the perfect everyday lipstick and it's also the perfect lipstick for Valentine's Day! It looks great paired with this lipgloss and this lipliner.

Maybelline Daringly Nude // If you're into nude lips, this lipstick is a great choice for you this Valentine's Day. It's matte but not too matte, so it's the perfect happy medium. To add a bit of extra pink to it for this pink holiday, I like to add this lipgloss for a bit of a pop.

Maybelline Pink Sands // This lipstick has a bit of shimmer to it, and that's why I love it for Valentine's Day! The lipstick looks great without any lipliner or lipgloss, so it's easy to reapply throughout the day.



Liquid Lipsticks

To be honest with you, I haven't tried too many liquid lipsticks that I've liked, especially ones from the drugstore, but this one by Jesse's Girl is definitely one that I would recommend! I love the shade "Angelic" because it's a great balance between a nude lip color and a pink lip color. It's definitely matte, so you might want to pop a light gloss over it if you're worried about your lips drying out. 



I have two ride of die lipgloss's and they're both from NYX! I love the butter gloss in the shade Creme Brulee the butter gloss in the shade Eclaire. These are great to pop over any of the lipsticks mentioned above or simply on top of a lipliner! 


Lip balm

I know some people aren't into lipsticks or lipgloss's. Sometimes I too prefer a simple lip balm to a heavy lipstick. I've discovered some amazing ones from L'Oreal. These lip balms provide just the right amount of color, not too much and not too little! They also keep your lips moisturized and feel so nice.



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What lip colors are you wearing this Valentine's Day? 

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