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Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

I cannot believe it's already almost February! I feel like I talk about time going by so quickly each month, but I seriously don't know how February arrived so quickly! (My birthday month... Woo!). Not only is February my birthday month, but it's also almost time for Valentine's Day. I feel like people have strong opinions of Valentine's Day... They either love it, or hate it. Personally, I love Valentine's Day! I think it's an adorable holiday. If you're looking for some gifts for him (don't worry, gifts for her is coming soon as well!), hopefully this post will help you out!


Cologne is definitely a gift that you can't go wrong with. Who doesn't love to smell good? Remember to buy him a scent that you LOVE, so you can smell it when he's wearing it! I purchased this cologne for my boyfriend awhile ago, and it smells amazing. He loves it and so do I! This one is amazing if you're looking for a fancier type of scent. Here are a few options for some great smelling men's cologne:


One thing that I've definitely learned is that guys love shoes. Shoes are another gift that you can't really go wrong with, as long as you know his size. Sneakers are usually a safe bet if you're feeling unsure. These ones are the perfect basic sneaker! You could also go for something a bit less sporty, like this. Here are a few other options:


Personally, I think every guy should have a pair of Clark's. These are super classy looking shoes that can be easily dressed up or down, and they're supposed to be extremely comfortable as well. There are a lot of different style and color options. Relatively speaking, they're pretty affordable. You'll like spend over $100 on them, but they're definitely well worth it and can be worn on a variety of different occasions!

A watch

Another thing guys love: their watches. I know we all have phones now, but seriously nothing can take the place of a nice watch as an accessory. These watches are absolutely beautiful (I may be eyeing one for myself!). They're a bit on the expensive side, so if you're looking to spend a bit less money, try one of these watches instead. Although some Timex watches are pretty pricey, there are lots of options that are more affordable!


Valentine's Day is obviously in February (arguably the coldest month of the year here!), so a flannel is always a great gift to give on Valentine's Day. I think flannels are a great staple piece for guys during the winter. They're comfortable, warm, and there's so many different color/style options!

A nice winter coat

I purchased my boyfriend a nice coat similar to this one for our anniversary this year, and he loves it! A nice coat is the perfect Valentine's Day gift (again, since we'll be in the middle of the coldest month of the year). Personally, I really like parkas for winter, but there's tons of different options for men's jackets of course! I've linked a few cute ones below:


It seems like a silly gift, but guys really do enjoy socks! Nice, comfortable socks are truly a great gift. Remember when you were little and hated getting socks as a gift? Well, as we've all gotten older, I'm sure you can agree that socks are an awesome gift. Personally,  I love receiving fuzzy socks! For guys though, I'd definitely recommend a nice pair of socks, like these (probably not fuzzy socks)... Here are some great options for men's socks:

What are your favorite gifts to give your significant for Valentine's Day?


  1. You can just never go wrong with socks, always my go to! Great post girl :)
    Kathy x


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