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My Favorite Blogs!

I think the thing that inspired me to start my own blog was simply reading other blogs that I loved. Before I started a blog, I had a few blogs that I would check regularly, and since starting my own blog, I've discovered so many blogs that I'm absolutely obsessed with! I wanted to share these blogs with my readers so you can hopefully check them out as well, and of course I just wanted to give a shoutout to some amazingly deserving bloggers! I honestly have so many favorite blogs that I couldn't possibly link them all along with descriptions, but here are a few of my top favorites.

I've gotten really into reading other college blogs, and I actually discovered Sami Mast's blog through Pinterest (my favorite site to gain blogging inspiration and also promote my posts). I now regularly check her blog on Monday and Thursday in search of her latest post! I've really loved reading other college blogs because I'm able to learn a lot of helpful information that I can then actually put to use.

I first discovered Hayley through her YouTube channel when I was first thinking about starting my own blog. Hayley has a blogging series on YouTube that I got really into and I quickly started watching all her videos! She recently gave birth to a sweet baby girl and I've really enjoyed following her journey through her blog and YouTube videos. Although her channel and blog has shifted slightly from fashion and beauty towards motherhood (since she's a new mom, obviously), I still really love watching and reading her new content. It will come in handy at some point! Hayley seems super sweet and I definitely recommend checking out her blog and channel!

The first thing I noticed about Corrie's blog DizzyBrunette3 was the aesthetic. Oh my goodness the aesthetic. As someone who struggled for awhile to establish a bit of an aesthetic, her blog was such an inspiration. I absolutely love the cute and girly vibe to both her blog and her Instagram. Aside from her gorgeous aesthetic, her content is fabulous as well! Her photography is so beautiful, and I've honestly learned so many amazing beauty tips and blogging tips from her blog!

Southern Curls and Pearls, Caitlin Covingoton's fashion blog, is seriously the ultimate fashion blog, in my opinion. I love that her outfits are actually attainable and things that I could actually see myself wearing. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at fashion blogs where the blogger wears thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothing (clothing that may be a bit too wild for my taste, at that), but I just love looking at fashion blogs that I can draw a ton of inspiration from. I find that if she is wearing any really expensive pieces, she always links dupes which is awesome! She's so gorgeous and I'm in love with her blog!

I also discovered Morgan Timm's blog through Pinterest, from her amazing Pinterest worthy images! I've heard through the blogging grapevine that Morgan sort of coined the term "college blogger" (thank you Morgan!!). I have no idea if this is actually true, but her blog is amazing. She has moved a bit away from blogging about college and more into just lifestyle in general, but she shares so much of her personal experience with her readers and I've learned so much about college and blogging from her.

I'd love to know a few of your favorite blogs so I can check them out!


  1. Aww all these blogs have so much great content! Love all of your selections babe :)

    XO Jessi,


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