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How To Prepare For The Upcoming Semester

While winter break is the perfect breather from the busy college lifestyle, there comes a time when we're all wishing to go back to school. I know. Back in high school, you probably never thought you'd actually want to go back to school, but things have changed since college began! When I find myself getting restless (and feeling ready to head back to college), one of my favorite things to do is begin preparing for the upcoming semester. This way, I don't have to stress about getting ready quickly the last day of winter break. Here are some ways that you can prepare for the best semester yet over winter break:

Print out the syllabus for each of your classes

This is actually something I look forward to doing at the beginning of each semester or as I'm preparing to return to school. I love to look them over to really get an idea of what the class is about. I place each syllabus in the folder that I have dedicated to that class.

Write important dates in your planner

After I've printed out each syllabus, I like to go ahead and write all the important dates in my planner. As always, many of these dates are subject to change, so I will typically write all the deadlines in pencil to start, just so I can adjust accordingly throughout the semester.

Stock up on pens, pencils, and notebooks

I always make sure my bag is chocked full of my favorite mechanical pencils and really good pens. New supplies is arguably one of the best things about starting a new semester. Who doesn't love new, cute office and study supplies?

Create some DIY dorm decor

Although your dorm or apartment is likely already decorated from first semester, it's also nice to have a few things to add when you get back to make it feel a it more like home.

I purchased another string of LED lights and picture frames so I could create a cute inspiration wall when I get back. I printed out some adorable wall prints to put in the frames. I started to feel like my walls were a bit bear last semester, so this should help add a little something!

Make a study plan

I know, the semester hasn't even started and you need to think about studying? Trust me, it's much easier to coast into the new semester if you've already mapped out how you're going to conquer it. 

I like to look at my schedule and think about how my day is going to be. When do I want to go to the gym? Which days should I go to the gym? When will I be able to get the most studying done? Of course, you simply don't quite know for sure how things will work out until the semester has begun, but it helps to have some sort of direction before the chaos begins. 

 Do some research

Research... what exactly though? As a sophomore going into my fourth semester of college, I've learned something important. You don't need  a lot of your textbooks. Don't get me wrong, you will definitely need SOME of them, but I've made the mistake of purchasing books that I never ended up using. 

What I mean by research is this: Talk to friends who have taken the class. Check out the class on RateMyProfessor. You can usually get an idea about whether or not you need the textbook. If you can't seem to figure it out, it's always a safe bet to go to the first class without buying the textbook to see what the professor says, and to see if you even plan on staying in the class!

What do you do the prepare for a new semester?


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  2. I wrote a post similar to this post last week. I'll have to use so some of your tips too.

  3. Such great posts for someone in college! I remember printing out the syllabus for each of my classes was definitely a great tip :)

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