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At-Home Pamper Routine

We all need a bit of pampering every now and then, but heading off to the spa can be an expensive outing. The solution? An at-home spa day! Today I'm sharing this easy at-home pamper routine for times when you feel like you just need a bit of extra love.

It can definitely be hard to find time to yourself to do some pampering, but it's so worth it in the end! You'll end up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever is next.

Use an exfoliating sugar scrub

The first thing I like to do is take a hot shower or a nice bath. I love to use this exfoliating sugar scrub, because it leaves my skin feeling super moisturized. In the winter, I always feel like I need all the moisture I can get. This particular scrub contains a bunch of oils, to hydrate your skin to the max!

Break out the bath bombs!

I'm absolutely obsessed with bath bombs, and I feel like I never actually get to use them, so whenever I do, I feel really relaxed and at peace. If you've decided to opt for a warm bath, add in some cute bath bombs for some extra pampering.

Apply a face mask

I believe I've talked about my favorite face mask before, but is it definitely still my favorite! I never feel like I have time to do a face mask, so it's the perfect thing to do on a pamper night/day because it's a bit out of the ordinary for me. I try to make an effort to do face masks as often as I can, but the only time I'll end up doing one for sure is when I'm in the middle of a pamper routine!

This one is so good, and it literally pulls out all your impurities and dries up any acne spots in just minutes. Plus, it's green and it has a lovely minty scent to it, so of course that's a huge plus.


I do moisturize everyday obviously, but I like to take a bit of extra care when I want to pamper myself. I use this moisturizer to deeply hydrate my skin. I like to take a bit of extra care by really working the moisturizer into my skin in circular motions. This will help to increase circulation and really lock in moisture to ensure that the product absorbs nicely into your skin.


I already did a post on an easy at-home manicure, so I won't go into detail on how exactly I do my nails, because you can simply go read that detailed post! Painting my nails always makes me feel so much better. I actually very rarely get my nails done at the salon (I'll occasionally get gel nails), but I pretty much just stick to doing them myself. 

I've found some amazing products that really make my at-home manicures last, like this top coat for example! My manicures will last almost two weeks whenever I use this stuff... Which is absolutely amazing! To me, it's not worth it to shell out money every week to go to the salon, so I just do it myself and get the same results.

I love to do my nails when I feel like pampering myself, since I love having pretty nails and it always makes me feel put together!

Light some candles

Lighting candles always sets such a relaxing mood. I recently posted about this lavender candle on my Instagram, because I absolutely fell in love with it! I've always thought lavender was so relaxing, but after lighting this candle I have a new found appreciation for all things lavender. 

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I hope you guys enjoyed my at-home pamper routine, and of course let me know if you end up trying it out!
What do you do when you feel like pampering yourself?


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I've always struggled with dry skin, so I'll definitely look into that Aveeno moisturizer. Essie polishes are so perfect! I love the shade Starry Starry Night from them. xo

    1. I'll have to try that one out! I love Essie polishes soo much :)

  2. I love dedicating a few hours before bed to do a whole pamper routine! Will have to get that face mask especially for my acne prone skin!
    Kathy x

    1. Me too girl:) and yes it's an awesome mask and super affordable!

  3. I absolutely love bath bombs when I want to relax! These all look like great ways to have a relaxing evening ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. Another great post as always. I could definitely use a pamper night after these last few weeks. I think I might actually do one tonight. I love bath bombs so much! Thanks for the ideas.

    x. Cattleya

  5. I loved this post! Aveeno is one of my favourite to moisturise with too! Just discovered your blog, can't stop reading! Chloe xxx

  6. I've been meaning to pick up a sugar scrub and a salt scrub. This sugar scrub sounds lovely. x


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