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Christmas Gift Guide: For Him


Slippers | Patagonia Pullover | Nike Sneakers | Nautica Cologne | Gym bag | Face wash | Headphones | Watch

We all know how hard guys are to shop for. Whether you're shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or any other guy in your life, picking out gifts for them can be a serious challenge. I typically save shopping for the men in my life last (whoops) because it's so difficult. After a many years of shopping for my dad and a few years shopping for my boyfriend, I've narrowed it down to a few gifts for men that you really can't go wrong with!

I feel like guys always love slippers. There ones are soft, comfy, and only $40! Speaking of cozy gear, Patagonia jackets are great for the winter and any guy would love to receive one for sure. I have one myself (in women's of course) and I wear it all the time during the winter because it's so cozy!

With Christmas shopping beginning to wind down, this will be my last gift guide of the season! I hope you guys enjoyed my gift guides this year and keep an eye out for upcoming Valentine's day gift guides in the coming months! 

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  1. wow awesome suggestions! i never know what to get guys... :)

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  2. This is such a great gift guide hun! There are always so many gift guides for girls, but really not a lot of gift guides for guys! This makes the whole process of shopping for guys so much easier... thanks so much for sharing girl :)

    XO Jessi,


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