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The College Girl's Winter Survival Kit

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If you live in a place where it snows, the winter in college can be brutal! Trudging to class in the snow and shivering during your walk to class is simply no fun. Winter is quickly approaching, so today I wanted to share a winter survival kit for the college girl, because we all know how tough winter can be. If you always have these items available to you during the winter months, it will be so much easier to enjoy the colder part of the year!


Even if you are able to avoid sickness during the winter, the cold is bound to give you a runny nose. I always like to keep some tissues on hand during the winter months, because I always find myself sniffling when it's cold outside. I love the little tissue packs because I can throw them in my school bag and my purse so I'll always have them with me. I swear I have small packs of tissues in all my bags during the winter! They are a lifesaver. 

Lip balm

My lips get so chapped in the winter, no matter how much water I drink. The cold really takes a toll on your lips, so it's important to keep them moisturized. College requires a lot of walking outdoors to get to class, and the cold air and wind never seems to agree with my lips! I love the feeling of soft lips. In the winter I'm always applying lip balm or some sort of chapstick multiple times a day to keep my lips feeling soft. 

Warm beverages

There's nothing better than coming back from a cold walk from class and curling up with a warm cup or tea or hot chocolate (or if you're a caffeine lover like me...Coffee!). I always like to keep an abundance of warm beverages in my room that I can make whenever I'm craving a tasty treat. 

Cozy socks

I'm such a big fan of fuzzy, cozy socks in the wintertime. When it's cold outside, those skimpy ankle socks just don't cut it for me. I absolutely love to put on a cute pair of fuzzy socks so that my feet are comfortable all day. It's almost like wearing slippers all day long!

Moisturizing hand lotion

Not only do my lips get dry in the winter, but my hands get cracked and begin to get uncomfortable. I make sure to apply hand lotion a few times a day to keep my hands from getting too dry. I take hand lotion with me everywhere I go, and I have one in each of my bags to ensure that I'm never without my lotion! Along with a moisturizing hand lotion, it's definitely important to use a moisturizer body wash during the cooler months as well. I love to add a bit of moisturizing body wash to a mesh bath poof and exfoliate my skin with locking in moisture. 

Hand sanitizer

Oh yes, the risk of getting sick during the winter months in college is so real. When I first came to college last year, I was absolutely blown away by all the sick people. I immediately stocked up on hand sanitizer and anything else that would prevent sickness. I always keep hand sanitizer, along with my lotion, on hand so I can use it whenever I'm not near a sink to wash my hands.


Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream

This Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream that I picked up from Target is an absolute necessity for the college girl during the wintertime. Since I'm a runner, I love to run no matter what time of year it is. During the winter, it's especially quiet outside on my campus, so it's relaxing to go for a nice run. Last winter, I decided to go for a run and made the mistake of not stretching before! This, of course, was a poor choice. My muscles were sore for days, and you can bet that I didn't make this mistake again. Even just simply walking from class to class in the cold weather can take a toll on your body, so keeping some Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream on hand will make life so much easier when pain strikes.


It's easy to become injured when it's cold outside, and as much as we all try to avoid injury, sometimes we simply need a product like Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream to save the day. It's always a good idea to keep this cream on hand during the wintertime in college in case you need it, because it will make such a huge difference in your comfort during these cold months.



Do you all have anything to add to this winter survival kit? What items do you keep on hand during the winter?

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