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College Nighttime Routine


After my college morning routine post, I got some requests to do a college nighttime routine post, so here it is! I'm a big believer in routines, and I feel so much better when I have a routine. Although my nighttime routine varies a lot in college depending on what I have going on, this is my typical routine for weeknights especially. Since college can be really stressful, it's important to have some rhyme or reason to your day, and the evening hours are the perfect time to do this!

10:30 PM - Get cozy

I love to put on comfy slippers and fuzzy socks when it's getting close to when I want to get to sleep. Usually, this is the time where I'll finish up some homework if I have some left, or just relax and watch Netflix. I definitely believe that it's important to have a cut off time for homework and studying, and mine is typically earlier than 10:30 PM, but if I really need to finish something, I'll do it now. If you can, I'd recommend stopping your homework at an earlier hour, unless it's absolutely urgent.


Make tea

When I'm winding down for bed (watching Netflix in my cozy slippers), I like to make a cup of tea to help me relax. I love this tea because it doesn't have caffeine and won't keep me up all night. Plus it tastes amazing and really helps you to relax! Camomile tea is great for sleep, and I always feel like I sleep better whenever I drink it. 



11 PM - Skincare/brush teeth

I recently started removing my makeup with coconut oil, and I'm absolutely obsessed. I love the way it takes off all my makeup and doesn't break me out at all. No matter how much makeup I'm wearing, it breaks everything down and I'm left with no makeup on my face. 


After removing my makeup, I use this exfoliating cleanser to remove any dirt or oil that has built up throughout the day. I love this stuff because you can use it as a cleanser OR a mask if you want to leave it on for a longer period of time! I keep my skincare really simple, so all I do after that is apply this moisturizer and I'm all set with skincare for the night. 


Of course, I always brush my teeth after this with my favorite toothbrush (it's seriously so good, and currently on sale!) with my favorite toothpaste

11:10 PM - Glasses, lip-care, hair

I wear contact lenses so I obviously remove my contacts before bed and put on my glasses. I also like to sleep with my hair up in a scrunchy because it prevents damage and keeps my hair from getting tangled throughout the night. I then like to apply some lip balm to my lips so they'll be moisturized when I wake up in the morning!


11:15 PM - PJS!

I always get so excited to put on my comfortable pajamas at the end of a long day. Target has some of my favorite pajama pants (I love these ones!). They're always so cute and comfortable. I'm also just wearing this simple gray cami.


11:20 PM - Check planner/update to-do lists

I'm obsessed with my planner, so I always check it each night to see exactly what I have going on the next day and throughout the week. I'll add anything that I can think of at this time, and I'll also jot down a few things on a to-do list that I need to get done the next day.



Between 11:30 PM & 12 AM - Bed

Okay, this doesn't ALWAYS happen, but I do like to wake up early (ish) to go to the gym and even get some work done before class. I try to get to be as early as I can, but it's definitely difficult to get to bed early during college. 


Lights (the white shade) | Monogram pillow | Hot pink pillow (similar) | Whale sheets

Hope you all enjoyed my college nighttime routine and found it helpful! What are some of your nightly rituals?


  1. I love routine posts! Coconut oil is seriously a multi use miracle worker. I'm obsessed with my planner, too. I loved the posts!

    x. Cattleya

  2. What a smooth routine! I wish I could get to bed by 11:30pm; not so possible these days.
    Great post.

    Funmi xx

    1. It's really hard sometimes but I do love my sleep!:)

  3. I always make a to-do list before bed it helps me to collect all my thoughts for the next day!
    Kelsey |

    1. Love that! It makes the next morning much easier:)

  4. I love this post! What you do before bed is always so important! I also always check my planner before I go to bed.. its so important to check your plans for the next day.

    XO, Jessi

    1. I do too girl! I always need to know what's coming the next day:)

  5. I too am obsessed with routines - I love checklists for them too, lol. I should totally try using coconut oil more for makeup removal, I forget about it all the time!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    1. It's a lifesaver seriously! My skin is so sensitive and it doesn't irritate it at all!

  6. I've seen so many beauty bloggers raving about coconut oil to remove their makeup. I might have to pick up one soon x

    Erin Azmir

  7. This is such a lovely little peek into your nighttime routine! I love tea to help me relax ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Tea is definitely one of my favorite things about my night routine!

  8. I love using coconut oil to remove my makeup!!
    Kathy x

  9. I def need to try that oatmeal scrub! Love that you set a cutoff for school work--I wish I wasn't a procrastinator and could do the same!!

    xoxo Veronica

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