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5 Lipstick Shades For Fall


I've always loved fall makeup because it's acceptable to wear darker colors. Fall is the perfect season to try out some more bold lipsticks! Usually, I stick to more of a nude lip if I'm wearing any lipstick, but I love to mix it up in the fall and try something a little bit different. In today's post, I've rounded up 5 of my favorite fall lipstick shades. A few of them are a bit darker, while a few are still what I would consider a light "nude" lipstick. These shades would be great additions to your lipstick collection!



I've had this lipstick for so long (as you can tell), and it's my go-to red whenever I want to wear red lipstick. I'm not usually a fan of red lipstick, but I love to try it out in the fall. They've changed the packaging since I purchased this lipstick awhile ago, but the formula is still just as pigmented and creamy. The best thing about these NYC lipsticks is that they're less than $5. They're seriously so inexpensive and worth every penny!


This lipstick was a recent addition to my collection, and it's definitely one of my favorite shades for fall. Since I have pretty fair skin, this lipstick looks fairly dark on me. If your skin is a bit darker than mine, this lipstick may not be as dark. It's still, however, the perfect fall shade no matter how dark it looks in contrast to your skin tone! I always line my lips with this lipliner in the shade "Whirl" and it creates the perfect fall lip combination. 


These Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks are some of my favorite lipsticks from the drugstore. I'm in love with the creamy formula and the long lasting color. Maybelline Touch of Spice is the ultimate fall lip shade, and I love the pinky-nude tone to the lipstick. Although the one I have is a matte shade, I don't find that it dries out my lips or anything, which is a common issue that I have when wearing matte lipsticks.


This MAC lipstick in the shade "Velvet Teddy" is the absolute perfect fall lipstick. I honestly wear this lipstick all year round, but I especially love it during the fall months. Again, if your skin is a bit darker than mine, this lipstick may not look as dark on you, but either way, it's a great shade for fall. I always make sure I've moisturized my lips prior to applying this lipstick, as it can be slightly drying. 


Maybelline Daringly Nude is another one of Maybelline's creamy matte shades, and it's a great light-nude for fall. On fall days when you don't want your lips to be really bold, this is a great option. It doesn't dry out your lips, despite the fact that it's matte. I love to line my lips with either this lipliner or this one and it creates such a nice combination on the lips. 


What are you favorite lipsticks for fall? Let me know so I can try them out!


  1. Love all of these colors because the MAC on is probably my fave!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. I love fall makeup too! All the darker colors are so beautiful and perfect for the season :) The lipsticks that you picked out are all very fall to me. Touch of spice is also one of my favorite fall lipsticks :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. I have fair skin too and always find it hard to find lipsticks that look good on me. I think these would all work for me. Another great post! Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


    1. It's so hard to find lipsticks that look good on pale skin..but these ones definitely do:)

  4. I really need Velvet Teddy in my life, it looks gorgeous xx

    Gemma • Miss Makeup Magpie ❤️

  5. Great picks! Touch of Spice is such a pretty shade!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. Love all these shades!! Velvet Teddy is one of my favorites by MAC!! <3

    XO, Jessi

    1. It's such a good one ! Definitely a MAC favorite:)

  7. Love the look of these! Especially the Mac Velvet Teddy and Maybelline Darling Nude! x

    Much love,
    Marianne x www.beautiful-in-essence.blogspot.com

  8. These all look like gorgeous shades! I love autumnal makeup ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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