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Finding Your Happy Place

College is stressful. When midterm season arrives, the stress level usually increases from about a 5 to a 10 very quickly. During this time, it is important to take breaks and find activities that help to relieve the extreme stress. For me, defining my happy place and taking a trip there during a stressful week always help me to feel better.

Since I am from a beach town, I have always found comfort in the beach. I have found comfort in the idea of being somewhere that feels like home, even if I'm not physically home. My college is about 15 minutes from the a beach, so one day last week I decided I needed a break. I grabbed a few good friends and asked if they wanted to take a ride to the beach with me. Although the beach ended up being a little cold and windy, it still made me feel better. Watching the waves crash and walking through the sand reminded me of the beaches in my town, and within just a few minutes of being there, I felt new again.

Having somewhere that you consider your "happy place" is important. You'll always be able to go there if you're feeling sad or stressed, and when you just need a little break from the world.


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