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5 Things to Do the Night Before For an Easier Morning

Like many other people, I can't say I'm a morning person. Sometimes when that alarm goes off ALL I want to do is stay snuggled in my cozy blankets, but nevertheless, it's time to get up. Something I've done for a long time is preparing the night before when I need to be up and about early for work, class, or other engagements. In this post, I'm talking all about the things I like to do the night before for an easier morning.

A Pale Girl's Guide to Self Tanning

I NEVER thought I would be writing this post, but I recently jumped into the world of self tanning. Let me say this - I am naturally SO fair. Some people say they're fair skinned, but no. Not as fair as me. I never tried self tanning until recently when I realized how common it actually is. Really - most people you see do not have an actual real tan. Self tanning is a thousand times safer than sitting in a tanning bed (which I've proudly never done and never will) or baking in the sun. I'm about to give you to down low on self tanning skin that's fair. Really fair. Yes, it's totally possible!

5 Staples You Need For Your Summer Internship

It's summer internship season! Getting an internship, whether it's your first or your third, means it's time to invest in some key items to help you start out your career. Internships typically take place in a professional environment, meaning you'll need to have more outfit options other than leggings and tee shirts - the usual college attire ;). Personally, I love dressing up cute for work, and shopping for some staple pieces was super fun! I wanted to share 8 staples you'll need for an internship, whether you're interning this summer or you hope to in the future!

Ask Hannah: How Can I Stay Consistent with Studying in College?


Dear Hannah,

I am a college student going into my sophomore year. I'm trying to find the right study tools and stationery for a fresh new year and start. I was hospitalized at the end of my freshmen year and diagnosed with depression. I recently realized that my depression plays a role in how I do in school. I want to reach a goal of a 3.00 and make the dean's list. Do you have any tips for staying consistent with studying while in college?


My Favorite Affordable Decor Finds

Fluffy throw pillow | Makeup organizer | Letter holder | DW Candle | Makeup mirror | Marble coasters | White fluffy throw pillow

Who doesn't love decor? I always gravitate towards cute yet affordable decor, so I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that I've found with you guys today! It's a little bit of everything - bedroom, general decor, makeup storage, etc. I just wanted to compile some of my best finds to share!

Introducing: Ask Hannah

You guys! I'm so excited to share this little addition to my blog with you all. I have added a tab to my blog called "Ask Hannah", where you can either submit a question or read questions that have already come in + my advice on them! Read the full post to find out more about this new addition!

Secrets to Having Glowing Skin This Summer

If there's a time to load up on the glow - it's summer! There's nothing I love more than a good glowy makeup look. There's so many ways to get glowing skin, and I personally love to keep my skin glowing with AND without makeup. I try to wear makeup less (and less makeup when I do wear it) during the summertime, so I'm always looking for the best way to get that fresh look. Keep reading for my secrets to having glowing skin this summer!